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Dragon Age Origins Sacred Ashes

The Sacred Ashes of Andraste

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Only one person witnessed Maferath's betrayal: Havard the Aegis. a youth friend of Maferath, he accompanied their main to your interviewing the Tevinters, maybe not realizing the thing that was planned. When he understood that Maferath ended up being giving Andraste up to be performed, Havard, unwilling to-draw swords against their buddy and liege, placed himself between Andraste together with Tevinter troops. The Tevinters hit him down, and Maferath left him for dead.

Gravely wounded, Havard made his option to the gates of Minrathous to quit the execution. As he achieved it, the awful deed was already done, the armies regarding plains long since dispersed. Havard, cursing their weakness, collected the earthly keeps of Andraste that were left towards the wind and rain, and wept. When their hands moved the heap of ash, their ears filled with track, and then he saw before him a vision of Andraste, dressed up in fabric made from starlight. She knelt at his side, saying, "The Maker shall always remember you so long as i recall."

The track faded, and the sight with-it. And Havard was alone. But their injuries were healed. With new power, Havard took up the ashes of your Lady, and bore them back once again to the places regarding the Alamarri.

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