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Dragon Age Origins Siding with Werewolves

Danyla can be found in the East Brecilian Forest, in-between both entrances from western Brecilian Forest, closer to the north passage. A pack of werewolves (including rabid people) is just north of this lady, while crazy Sylvans are found from the passage amongst the southern entry and her position.

Danyla's dialogue will present the Warden with two choices:

  • Agree to kill her
  • Will not eliminate the lady, which leads to Danyla attacking the celebration, pushing them to destroy her
  • Note: Dragging the conversation on for too much time results in Danyla making the decision the Warden and attacking the party
  • Return the scarf to Athras, saying both that she died from curse or it's too terrible to talk about exactly what happened, after which he benefits your
  • In the event that you thought we would part with the werewolves and destroy the Dalish while this quest is within development, Athras also attack the Warden together with werewolves, pushing them to destroy him. If this is the outcome, your Journal will state you have got finished the pursuit, saying "Athras has died, their hopes with him."

    If you do not speak with Danyla and lift the curse on the werewolves whilst quest is in development, Danyla will go away. If you tell Athras that you missed this lady, he refers to the raised curse and also informs you about finding Danyla himself. The quest should be completed however don't get any incentive.

    Plot-wise, there was a method to finish the pursuit using the optimal outcome: talk with Danyla but will not kill her, triggering fight. The quest product, scarf, is given after conversation, meaning the warden can access the scarf without killing Danyla. Proceed with a petrify or power industry, and flee the scene. After treating the curse, speak to Athras and control him the scarf. No incentive is offered.

    Speaking with Athras

  • Alistair approves (+1)
  • If you make an effort to get the present Keeper to tell him what truly happened or that you are sorry then simply tell him to forget his idea for a reward:
  • Morrigan approves (+2)
  • Wynne disapproves (-3) in the event that you tell this lady you have better things to do.
  • In the event that you make sure he understands there isn't time and energy to be a search party:

    Note: choosing this right after persuading him (or letting Leliana persuade him) lets you start the conversation over and continue doing this option indefinitely.

    Talking-to Danyla

    In the event that you consent to kill Danyla:

    Note: If you very first convince this lady to share with you what she understands then you aren't getting either of the Approval modifications.

    If you attempt to go out of Danyla without killing her:

  • Leliana disapproves (-1)
  • When reporting to Athras

  • If Warden mentions that Danyla "delivers her love":
  • Morrigan disapproves (-3)
  • Leliana approves (+2)
  • In the event that Warden decides "It... it's too horrible to repeat... therefore awful", followed closely by "No, this has already been also fun":
  • If Warden began this pursuit with Danyla and you simply tell him you will make sure he understands everything if he compensates you, and after that you leave without telling him everything:
  • Athras's PendantAmulet
    A pendant made of polished walnut timber, created to check like a set of circling hawks.

    4% spell weight

    , which is often exchanged with the Mad Hermit

  • If neither Leliana nor Morrigan come in the party, therefore the quest is completed by informing Athras that Danyla became a werewolf and delivered the girl love, he may not give any incentive (neither the amulet nor knowledge). Finishing the pursuit in much the same with either Leliana or Morrigan into the celebration can counter this bug.
  • After accepting the quest from Athras, talking with him before finding Danyla offers the discussion option "I haven't also been looking", or if you have the scarf and speak to him a short while later, you have the choice to lie to Athras you didn't find Danyla. Selecting these options could cause Athras to fade away, making the pursuit impossible to complete. This bug could be fixed by loading a previous conserve, or using the Toolset:
  • Start the affected savegame in the toolset and search the SAVEGAME_AREALIST for many entries for the name ntb100ar_dalish_camp
  • Look over the SAVEGAME_AREA_CREATURES part for the entry ntb100cr_athras

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