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A Village Under Siege

A Village Under Siege is one of the primary plotline sub-quests in . Its activated upon coming to Redcliffe Village - while seeking The Arl of Redcliffe questline - and talking to Bann Teagan.


Every evening, undead corpses descend from Castle Redcliffe to attack the village. No body into the town knows where animals originate from, no one has had the oppertunity to attain the castle. The assaults grow even worse every night and Bann Teagan predicts today would be the worst. He pleads the Warden's support. The Warden may choose to help Redcliffe Village protect it self. The greater amount of assist the town has actually, the easier and simpler it's going to be to defend. Alternatively, the Warden may abandon the village and let it fend for itself. Once the Warden comes back, Redcliffe Village is a ghost city, all inhabitants assumed lifeless.


Bann Teagan requires the Warden for assistance in fending off the undead. Agreeing to help fight-off the undead without reservations will result in endorsement from:

Bann Teagan sends the Warden to consult with the mayor, Murdock, and Ser Perth about the militia in addition to knights, correspondingly.

Note: in the event that you will not help:


Assist the militia

Murdock is located correct outside of the chantry. He makes two needs, persuade blacksmith Owen in order to make armor fixes and get veteran dwarf Dwyn to aid inside defense of village.

If you consistently concern Murdock, he explains that he's stationed beyond your chantry so that you can protect the women, kiddies and elderly within. If Sten exists he will object to the, saying that no Qunari would act this way - that would combat (if Leliana is also when you look at the team, she's going to interject that remark is unworthy of him). Murdock will explain that villagers are not Qunari; the outcome is (-3) from Sten.

Note: Besides completing requested support (Owen and Dwyn), the Warden can raise the militia's morale by bolstering Murdock's confidence and/or providing ale into militia. See notes below.

Owen is found inside his store, however you will need certainly to find a method past his secured home (coerce him to open up, pick the lock, or break the doorway straight down). In order to persuade him to aid the cause, you can easily consent to assist get a hold of his daughter, which annoys Morrigan and Sten ( (-5) each) but impresses Leliana (+1) and Wynne (+4) . See missing inside Castle for additional details.

In the event that you'd rather not help Owen, you can eliminate him. This manages to lose (-5) from Alistair and Leliana and

Wynne disapproves (-10) if done through discussion, or not one if he's provoked because of the Warden's evaluation of their locked floor trapdoor under a crate. If he could be killed, retrieve an integral from his corpse. This can open up a secret cache for which you will discover equipment for militia. Killing him gains (+4) from Zevran. Note: If you kill Owen you'll however equip the villagers; make the Bundle of Equipment through the trapdoor and present it to Murdock.

Note: This quest cannot advance without accepting Owen's task or killing him.

Convince Dwyn


Head to Dwyn's Residence inside town. Gain entrance by selecting the lock (having a companion with such skill in celebration doesn't help) or breaking the door straight down. You certainly can do certainly one of three items to persuade Dwyn to protect the town: persuade, intimidate, or bribe him for a sovereign (50 silvers with persuasion).

In the event that you ask him the reason why he shut himself inside and call him a coward this nets (+1) if Oghren is within the celebration. Successfully intimidating Dwyn into joining the militia nets an additional (+2) for Oghren (without approval change for either persuasion or bribery). Women Warden can recommend to fall asleep with Dwyn to be able to convince him to battle, although proposition will never be accepted; he'll simply say that it is a tempting provide. Furthermore, the discussion with a dwarven Warden may be slightly various.

If Dwyn is not convinced to simply help ahead of the battle starts, he will perhaps not take part. If the Warden kills Dwyn and then informs Murdock that they did therefore, the milita's assault score will suffer.

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