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Dragon Age Origins soundtrack

by Doc Mesa

Almost all of the songs on here is the same looped songs from the struggle sequences in game and even though great, i am uncertain whether I would have the entire album from it. One-track on right here this is certainly worth it and much more is track 28 - Lelianna's tune. Often missed when you look at the game unless you select the right dialogue, the song is beautifully sung - haunting and relocating equal measure.

by Stigweird85

For folks who could not have the collectors edition, here is the sound recording associated with the brilliant Dragon Age Origins
My only issue usually i'd choose if each track ended up being looped maybe once or twice in order to make a track of 3+ moments continous play instead that a-one moment track that you must have on perform.

A very good listen.

Good Stuff ;)
by Orlais

Gorgeous songs, I agree with what the guy said regarding the enthusiasts version about the main motif being a bit like music off Conan the Barbarian. Bioware have made a fantastic move by spending plenty into making the music virtually perfect for the overall game. I would recommend this to any one who really loves the video game or who loves battle music-like in Conan. Lelianna's track is superb to just like the man under stated. It's a must to anybody just who missed it in online game.

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