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Dragon Age Origins spirit door

Shapeshifting-Fade-FormsPossible types

Throughout your moves into the Fade during, you could get several shapeshifting forms. Each one has unique capabilities and drawbacks.


  • "The golem form makes you extremely difficult and allows you to smash through heavy doorways."

Golem kind can be quite effortlessly familiar with heal your personality. While in golem form, your character will get significant bonus to constitution, leading to very nearly two fold health. When shifting through the regular form into golem form, your wellbeing are computed as a portion of the initial wellness. When shifting back into typical, but your wellbeing will likely to be calculated as a total value. For example, your character has 200 health in normal form, and shifts into the Golem form. The ensuing golem need around 400 wellness. During a fight the golem features lost some hit things, and health dropped to 230. In the event that you shift back into typical, the overall game will set your wellbeing to 230. But since that worth surpasses your optimal wellbeing in typical form, it'll be reduced to 200. In the event that you move back into golem kind now, the golem need 400 health once more. This could be done while in fight.

Powers gained

  • Golem Form - Bonus to armor, defense, energy, electrical energy resistance, and actual weight; gains Slam, Quake, and Hurl.
  • Hurl Rock - The golem hurls a stone at the target, damaging all nearby goals and knocking all of them down unless they pass an actual weight check. Friendly fire feasible.
  • Quake - The golem slams the ground 3 x, dealing injury to all nearby objectives and stunning them unless they pass an actual opposition check. Friendly fire possible.
  • Slam - The golem slams the mark. If attack strikes, it deals crucial harm and knocks the goal down. This move is extremely useful for shattering frozen opponents.
  • Contrary to the tooltip, the Golem type imposes a 10-point penalty to protection. Also, this type offers a large extra to constitution that's not pointed out within the tooltip.

Form-Golem capabilities gained

  • The capability to hurl boulders through massive doors and shatter all of them permanently. However, the Hurl Rock skill is employed and therefore cannot be used again before cool-down time is up.


  • "The mouse form enables you to go through open positions which can be usually also little for other things. Additionally lets you remain concealed and go through certain specified areas undetected."

  • Mouse Form - within the form of a mouse, the character suffers charges to energy, constitution, damage, wellness, protection, and actual resistance. The mouse is also most unlikely to hit an opponent in combat.

  • Travel through mouse holes.


  • "The spirit kind makes you much more resistant to magic, it is susceptible in real fight. In addition it lets you see items that are usually concealed inside folds of this Fade."

The Spirit form's melee attack does just as much harm as you would making use of your ordinary weapons. This will make it advantageous to warriors using two-handed tools, because the Spirit form has a greater attack speed. Crushing Prison can be impressive at dispensing with adversary Golems when you look at the fade, because it immobilizes them and does heavy damage in the long run, potentially outright killing all of them.

  • Spirit Form - whilst in the form of a nature, the type gains a sizable extra to fire opposition, including incentives to spellpower, magic, and armor.
  • Contrary to the in-game information stating that you receive a plus to secret and armor, you do not, though you nonetheless get 10 spellpower inside kind.
  • Despite having a big extra to fire weight, this doesn't enable you to walk-through fire obstacles.

Burning Man

Burning Guy

  • "The burning up man kind grants you immunity to flames, enabling you to walk-through fire. But is vunerable to cold attacks."

  • Burning guy Form - within the form of the burning up guy, the smoothness suffers a sizable penalty (-75percent) to cold resistance, it is resistant to fire harm.

  • Capable move across fire obstacles.

pc The fire obstacles are passable without this type using a Greater heat Balm. But the player must continually "push" up against the barrier to feed it that can have to drink a health poultice halfway through. When pushing contrary to the barriers, transition through it slows, which could bring about death in some cases unless the full 75% fire opposition is gained (which lets the Warden move through all barriers safely). The balm provides 60per cent; the residual 15% are achieved by quickly equipping things with the capability, or by casting Heroic Defense if playing a mage who's got the enchantment.

  • The gamer usually manages to lose the ability to shapeshift into these types upon leaving the Fade; however, if a questionnaire is assigned to a couple of quickslots, one is going to be eliminated once the player leaves. While this will give the capacity to make use of the type outside the Fade, it might probably result in the game to freeze.
  • pc by area 1.05, if the player personality gains a level while shapeshifted, they could come to be struggling to level up or gain knowledge. The actual only real recognized option would be to load a previous save and make certain that the character is within their particular typical kind if they gain the particular level.
  • pc Shapeshifted figures often get the right abilities but don't transform their appearance properly. Quitting and restarting the game is apparently a fruitful fix.

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