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Drass is a member associated with Templar purchase serving inside Circle Tower during the events regarding the Fifth Blight.


Although he acts your order willingly, Drass is maladjusted to his life as a templar and chafes under his vows.


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for Dragon Age: Origins.

Throughout the activities of cracked Circle, Drass falls in control of a desire demon, just who enchants him into thinking she actually is their spouse and that they have two loving children - a boy and a daughter. She mentions this - having a household that liked him - was Drass' hidden desire all along, but he would not realize about this desire and none performed others around him.

Before the Warden gets in the space where in actuality the demon and Drass are situated, they notice a quick discussion between your demon along with her "husband" speaking about dinner and to their "children".

Upon going into the space, the Warden must determine if he gets to reside in a blissful dream world with the demon, or if perhaps just what the demon has been doing is morally incorrect and she must perish. But they truly are bound to each other because of the demon's magic, meaning that he can perish alongside the woman in fight. Looting their human anatomy will produce a note dealt with to him and Templar Armor.

The enchantment over Drass seems to be influenced by the demon playing into the woman part. If the Warden elects to kill the girl, she decries the party as bandits at the door, intent on murdering their particular "children", which obviously enrages the templar into fighting. If not, she informs Drass they go for a walk, to show the "kiddies" concerning the performers. Whatever the case, the enchantment is strong adequate which he forgets she just informed him the "kiddies" had been turning in to bed before the demon's conversation with all the Warden.

The Warden might perhaps not go into the room before the activities regarding the Broken Circle tend to be concluded, in which case its unidentified what goes on to Drass.Templar ArmorMassive chestpiece
Metal (Level 3)
Requires: 27 power

Armor: 12.25

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