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Dragon Age Origins Templar Nightmare



Kirkwall Alienage (Lowtown)

Night Terrors is an Act 2 secondary pursuit in .


The quest is acquired from a letter in Hawke's mansion at the beginning of Act 2. Feynriel, the apostate mage rescued from slavers during Wayward Son, has gone into a coma because of his certain skill. His mom, Arianni, has called upon the help of Hawke and Keeper Marethari to save him. To wake him up, Hawke must enter the Fade to confront the demons struggling for control of Feynriel.

Before going into the Fade

After the venture is started, Hawke will satisfy Feynriel's mama, Arianni, in Lowtown. She describes that the best way to save the woman son is for Hawke to go into the Fade with Keeper Marethari's ritual.

If Hawke agrees to the, and Sebastian is in the celebration, then he will object and tell you that Tevinter mages entering the Fade corrupted the Golden City, leading to : Sebastian: rivalry (+10).

If Aveline is within your party she will declare that Hawke should better keep the situation toward Circle of Magi, but this does not bring about any endorsement modification.

After a discussion with Keeper Marethari and Arianni, the Keeper talks to Hawke in private, asking them to kill Feynriel in Fade should he show also weak to control their capabilities, and risk becoming an abomination. She explains that killing Feynriel into the Fade can make him Tranquil, with no much longer a threat.

If you answer "I understand":

Anders: rivalry (+5) Merrill: rivalry (+10) Sebastian: friendship (+10) Note: If Sebastian is within your party with Fenris or Isabela when you communicate with Arianni, Sebastian disapproves (+10). This can be nullified by choosing "i am aware" when talking with Marethari, as it causes Sebastian to (+10). If Anders or Merrill is within the party, their particular dialogue overrides Sebastian's, that causes that miss the initial disapproval totally.

Others choice "I can't do that":

Anders: friendship (+5) Merrill: friendship (+5) Sebastian: rivalry (+10) Note: combined with above (+10) for accepting quest, provides a complete of Sebastian: rivalry (+20).

Following this discussion, you've got the alternative of selecting your friends going to the Fade. Observe that Sebastian won't go.

When you look at the Fade

Codex entry: The Fade

Note: Hawke features 3 discussion options with Anders/Justice and not one have any impact on approval/rivalry ranks.

Justice instantly casts Vengeance whenever in the Fade, regardless of if he has not learned it. Note that within space, there was a novel that offers Hawke +1 feature point, one from four you may get through the Fade. See “Two puzzles and a moving guide” below for details.


The sloth demon

If Hawke proceeds out into the courtyard, they meet with the first demon. It really is a sloth demon which requires Hawke allowing him to obtain Feynriel. He provides Hawke power, understanding and miracle in exchange. See Incentives for details.

You'll either refuse its provide straight away or concern it further. In the event that you find the latter and Anders is within the celebration, Justice pleads for Hawke refuse its provide. If Hawke tells the character to back down, Justice attacks and Hawke is obligated to defeat him. Justice and Anders are out of the celebration for the duration of the quest, leaving Hawke with a smaller sized party. After defeating Justice, Hawke features an extra possiblity to accept or reject the demon’s provide for the same approval modifications as explained below, however with the exception of Anders.

If Hawke denies the offer, Torpor must certanly be defeated. If you don't carried out by now, Hawke features a third possiblity to end the demon from having Feynriel by betraying it and informing the half-elf to wake-up.

If you accept the demon's offer immediately plus don't question him:

Anders: rivalry (+15) Fenris: rivalry (+15) Aveline: rivalry (+15) Merrill: friendship (+5)

If you reject the demon's offer:

Aveline: friendship (+10) Anders: friendship (+10) Fenris: friendship (+5) Merrill: rivalry (+5)

In the event that you listen to Anders/Justice and attack the demon:

Anders: friendship (+10)

Note: Merrill’s approval rating stays unchanged in this instance.

In the event that you tell Justice to back off, it strikes Hawke.

Anders: rivalry (+10) Fenris: friendship (+5) Merrill: rivalry (+5) Note: Telling Justice to back off ends up a relationship with Anders, even although you reject Torpor's offer. However, if you have maybe not yet done the Questioning Beliefs (Anders Act 2) quest required to complete the love, it is possible to inform Justice to back down but still continue the relationship by rejecting the demon's offer after which informing Anders it was a ruse during Anders inside Fade.

Two demons

There are two quest markers available at two doors within the actions on either region of the hall.

Go to one of the areas.

As soon as inside, Hawke has an opportunity to assist Feynriel realize he's in the Fade. Hawke may try to help the demons fool him, but ultimately Feynriel knows he could be indeed when you look at the existence of a demon. You will be presented with after choices:

  • (top options) highlight the discontinuities associated with the visions
  • (center choices) buy into the demons, pretending that visions are real
  • (bottom options) bluntly inform Feynriel that he is facing the demons

Picking mainly middle or bottom choices frightens Feynriel and makes him insecure, while picking mainly top choices makes him well informed of his powers.

If attempting to make a handle Torpor, selecting mostly center choices leads to the demon refusing to possess Feynriel if because of the opportunity at the end. This leads to a fight with Torpor and never getting its reward when it comes to quest. If Feynriel is weak-minded as a result of your alternatives, he requires Hawke to eliminate him as he can't deal with the temptations.

Caress in Feynriel’s Desires

The desire demon

Through this door could be the desire demon. The demon poses as Feynriel's father, Vincento. Hawke confronts Feynriel in the shape of their mom Arianni. If Hawke's celebration is in the Fade using them, one of them may fall to temptation and betray Hawke to-side utilizing the demon; they have to be beaten.

Note: only 1 party member is tempted at each and every encounter. If battle presents an excessive amount of a challenge, it's useful to load an early on game and take away betraying companion's equipment.

  • Isabela is tempted because of the offer of an innovative new ship and staff. (+5), if a witty opinion opted for (+5), if an aggressive comment selected
  • Aveline is tempted by an impression of her deceased husband, Ser Wesley Vallen.

Note: If Hawke is a mage, Wesley reviews on Aveline's difficulties beginning if they came across the apostate Hawke.

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