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Dragon Age Origins Thaig Chamber

Mercenary Captain (dwarf)You begins down on a road with Gorim as a companion. In the event that Dwarf Noble had accepted the noble hunters' idea (only feasible as a male), Gorim have some remarks about it which may vary whether Mardy joined the Dwarf Noble yesterday evening or both Mardy and Teli.

Take the only available means leading to the stones. On your way to initial scout, Frandlin Ivo, you will come across your first monster, a giant spider, and shortly after the first couple of genlocks.

Note: in the event that you participated in the Proving and decided to offer your prize to Frandlin Ivo, he'll mention it here also.

Once you meet Frandlin, take the southeast roadway because the other individuals are lifeless ends (the only person containing enemies will eventually open later on).

After fighting another set of genlocks, you may meet the Scout who will in addition become a temporary partner. Leading on, you are going to need to combat another group of genlocks led by genlock alpha.

As soon as you achieve the entranceway to the chamber you see some recently slain darkspawn together with home open although it was supposed to be sealed. A discussion will occur because could only be opened with an Aeducan Signet Ring. If the Dwarf Noble is intending to destroy Trian, they may start thinking about him as the one included behind this.

The Mercenary Captain carrying Trian's signet-ring

Whenever entering the chamber, you certainly will fulfill some mercenaries along with their leader. He'll need which you simply tell him where in fact the guard is at this time you have got to be able to ask him exactly how he got here. Certain that the Dwarf Noble's demise is imminent, he will reveal that a person of Trian provided him the Aeducan Signet Ring (the persuasion check is often effective). However, whatever choices you decide on you will have to fight all of them ultimately. In addition, always stay out-of selection of the Ballista firing at you. Following the battle you'll loot the bodies and chests. The human body of mercenary frontrunner should indeed be additionally holding the signet-ring.

Note: As everything gets removed because of the end associated with the pursuit, the actual only real essential items to loot would be the wellness poultices.

Illustration of how to place regarding tiles

The room containing the shield is marked regarding the chart. Gorim begins a dialog once more, but it doesn't actually matter that which you order your friends to complete. In the center of the room discover a sarcophagus. Left, correct and in front from it are a few tiles. Position your companions on those and approach the sarcophagus. You might now open it along with your band and recover the Aeducan Shield which is included as a plot item.

Note: when you retrieve the shield, the rogue Scout will get Aim, Rapid Shot, Defensive Fire and Scattershot besides Stealth and Dirty Fighting he had prior to. These capabilities won't appear on the quickbar, which means you need to by hand provide the last two (scout's bow already features Rapid Aim, so that the fast chance is useless, while Aim will never be advantageous)

Thaig Chamber - tilesWhile making the space you will end up assaulted by six genlocks, accompanied by a lieutenant-rank Blight Wolf. After you handle them and in case you never would you like to operate straight back the way that you came, take the Ballista Bolt through the container next to the very first ballista and load a corner one with those. This can open up a brief path back once again to the space for which you met Frandlin. On your way you are going to need to battle some deepstalkers (assuming you have maybe not currently been down that tunnel and killed them).

After the battle you will find Trian with his protections. Based the manner in which you reacted to Bhelen's accusations following the feast, he and his group are generally all slain or wait for you indeed there. In the second instance, Trian will engage you in a dialogue in which all choices trigger combat. You can try to surrender, but the treacherous scout will begin the combat.

When its over-king Endrin Aeducan will approach accompanied by their protections and Prince Bhelen, Lord Pyral Harrowmont, Lord Meino and Lord Bemot asking everything've done. In the event that you did not eliminate Trian or perhaps you lie which you don't, the Scout will state that you bought all of them to slaughter Trian's celebration. If so you might kill the scout for his treacherous terms which will force the guards to seize all your valuable weapons. In any case, as they never trust the lower ranked scout, King Endrin also ask Frandlin Ivo whoever terms is respected while he is a respected nobleborn, who can additionally duplicate just what the scout states.


You may be imprisoned while the Exile begins. Additionally, all products from your stock tend to be removed except for DLC items.

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