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Dragon Age Origins the Gauntlet

The duelist problems an irresistible challenge to just one foe. The opponent straight away abandons its various other opponents to activate the rogue.

Put the Gauntlet is a rogue skill from Duelist expertise in .


Adversary will engage your


Needs: Level 12

2 things in Duelist

The rogue's opponent is totally soaked up inside duel. For a short while, the opponent cannot seek a new target unless either combatant drops. The enraged foe additionally attacks negligently, inflicting less harm resistant to the rogue.

Enemy will likely not look for brand-new target

-25percent enemy harm

Duration: 20s
Requires: Level 14

4 points in Duelist

The duelist taunts the enemy into bringing down its guard.

-50% opponent defense

  • "Throwing the Gauntlet" was a European training in the Middle years. A warrior, usually a knight or lord, would issue challenging to their rival if you take down their particular gauntlet and putting it at their rival's legs. The opponent was then obligated to get the gauntlet, accepting the task, if not risk their particular honor and pride by doubting the process.

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