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Dragon Age Origins trophy

YES- It offers a really difficult trophy getting, but inaddition it supplied a good challenge and felt fulfilling after the Harvester fell..

Strategies I regularly beat the Harvester on tricky Mode and get the Trophy- SPOILERS JUST BELOW

I have used Mage, Warrior, and Rogue courses to conquer the Harvester.

Warrior and Rogue- only import your best furnish to offer on team and stock up on as numerous recovery potions as you're able. One other characters tend to be useless, however if you have got sufficient treating potions for yourself you can expect to come out alive. Only utilize the other PCs as bait when it comes to skeletons.
Purchasing as numerous recovery potions will empty your silver- therefore make an additional conserve file, offer whatever you can, and use that cash to max on inventory slots on recovery potions.

Mage- Much easier to conquer, simply keep healing and don't let the mage die- The only hope after that is if the Golem continues to have enough power to utilize Revive, otherwise the mage is lost in addition to struggle is over.

Mage Equip
Spell Fury
Helm of Dragon's Peak
Oven Mitts
Golem Shell Armor
Winter Boots, or Fire Stompers is useful too.
Andruil's Blessing
Talisman of Restoration- or you have the Lifegiver band that could work well- we wear it my most readily useful fighter so he could remain live during fight.
Icicle- This ring is great if you should be into utilizing ice miracle.
Ash- identical to above except fire.
The furnish we utilized were to improve mana and healing faster during the fight, and to increase my spell energy- therefore only make use of the most useful supply you have got.

Perseverence- 62
Magic- 62
Constitution- 62

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