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Bound in Blood and Magic

Bound in Blood and Magic could be the last pursuit associated with Magi Origin story in .

After making Duncan in the quarters at the conclusion of the A Mage of Circle quest, there are Jowan lurking in corridor outside. He really wants to talk, and can just take that the chapel and introduce you to an initiate, Lily, with whom he has already been having an affair. Interactions between mages and initiates are forbidden, but, even worse, Lily has seen research that Jowan was accused of dabbling in bloodstream magic and is going to be forced to undergo the Rite of Tranquility. They want to try to escape and start a unique life collectively, nevertheless the Templars can track Jowan down using his phylactery. They desire your term you will assist them to destroy Jowan's phylactery, for them to getting away from the Tower unpursued.

Senior Mage Quarters

Region Map: Senior Mage Quarters

  • You can easily question Jowan and Lily, but should often give your term you'll help, refuse to assist, or say you will need to think about it.
  • If you refuse or state you will think about it, then you're able to ask very first Enchanter Irving be it correct that Jowan are made Tranquil. You'll be able to inform Irving about Jowan's intend to escape, or keep peaceful. (You are able to ask Irving about the books on bloodstream secret which were relocated to his office.)
  • If you tell Irving that which you understand of Jowan and Lily's programs, he will tell you firmly to play along, so the event is really as scandalous for Chantry as for the Circle.
  • When you yourself haven't done this currently, you'll select at this time to reveal the escape intend to Irving, but you'll nonetheless need to play along.
  • On the path to the stockroom, look at the Laboratory and communicate with Senior Enchanter Leorah the Infested Storerooms quest.
  • Keep in touch with Owain at the stockroom. He will present a Rod of Fire Request Form which should be signed by a Senior Enchanter.
  • It is possible to ask Senior Enchanter Torrin (into the Library) to signal the proper execution, but he can wish an investigation suggestion describing why you really need it. (There is presumably no time to satisfy this necessity.)
  • Senior Enchanter Leorah will signal the shape in the event that you drive out the storing Caves from spiders within Infested Storerooms quest. (If Irving or Sweeney indication the proper execution, you are able to nonetheless clear out the storerooms: Leorah will likely then encourage you with potions rather.)

AreaMap SeniorMageOriginNote: you'll bump into Duncan once more into the Library. He might pose a question to your opinion about making use of miracle in the following war, and whether you are afraid to make use of the power available.

  • Once you have the finalized Rod of Fire Request Form, come back to Owain to collect the Rod of Fire, after that head to Jowan and Lily to report your success.
  • Jowan and Lily will today join your party so you can all mind right down to the cellar together. Don't forget to equip these with spare what to help handle difficulty.

Mage Tower - Cellar

Region Map: Mage Tower - Cellar

  • Mind downstairs on Apprentice Quarters, after that downstairs once more into the Basement. Lily will help you work through the initial locked home, but once you try to use the Rod of Fire from the 2nd door... things become more difficult. But a 3rd home can be seen more along the hall...
  • Along the way, it is important to fight more Sentinels (including two magic-wielding Robed Sentinels) and three Deepstalkers associated with at the very top Deepstalker leader. A short while later, search the nearby storage device for a few loot (enchanter's cowl and a larger Lyrium Potion).
  • In the repository, you can make the Blackened Heartwood workforce from an upper body, and interact with a historical Statue of Eleni Zinovia to unlock Codex entry: The Tevinter Imperium.
  • Help Jowan move the Bookcase, after that communicate with the Artifact - follow Jowan's advice to use it because of the Rod of Fire, as well as your method in to the phylactery chamber is obvious.
  • The chamber is guarded by two Sentinels and a slightly tougher Sentinel Guardian. Defeat them and loot the Chest.
  • Rise the steps locate Jowan's phylactery, that he will destroy.AreaMap MageTowerBasement At this point, for those who have informed Irving of Jowan and Lily's programs, you'll confess in their mind if you wish (they'll leave the celebration, but there is absolutely nothing else in order for them to do down here anyway).
  • Exit the phylactery chamber through door you couldn't start previously, and exit the cellar.

Blackened Heartwood StaffStaff
Iron (Level 1)
Needs: 16 magic

Harm: 4.00 (Nature)
Armor penetration: 20.00
+2 damage
+2 spellpower

Codex entry: The Tranquil

Codex entry: The Tevinter Imperium

Codex entry: Deepstalker (Origins) Codex entry: The Aeonar

Jowan: "No! I will not enable you to touch the woman!"

Upon exiting the basement, you might be confronted by a contingent of Templars accompanying Knight-Commander Greagoir and Irving. Listed here is in which Irving will defend you for helping (if you told him for the programs) or perhaps dissatisfied (in the event that you didn't). Jowan, cornered and trying desperately to save lots of himself along with his love, reveals their dark key and executes blood miracle (which resembles Blood Fury in its impact). Lily is surprised, and banishes him from the woman picture. He operates away, becoming hunted as an apostate. Lily submits to her phrase: Aeonar, the mage's jail (this unlocks Codex entry: The Aeonar). Whether you aided Irving, Duncan will hire you the gray Wardens. Willingly or not, you need to now come with him to Ostagar to join the master's military.

  • When you yourself have the Blackened Heartwood team, Irving will ask whether you took such a thing from repository. You are able to rest so that they can keep it, or confess and return it. Coercion must effectively lay.
  • Jowan and Lily's equipment will appear inside inventory once you get to Ostagar (even although you confessed to Jowan about betraying him).
  • After Jowan kills the phylactery, if you try to backtrack through repository, he will ask you what your location is going. This does not end you going back through, nonetheless.
  • A number of the land items tangled up in this quest are located as junk loot in .

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