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These pages provides a guide regarding the best techniques to earn money in Dragon Age: Origins. Cash are acquired by completing quests, attempting to sell items, stealing, or looting fallen opponents and bins. You might be occasionally because of the possiblity to request financial benefits above the 'normal' quest incentive, as well as times the success of such efforts varies according to your coercion ability. Cash is useful for buying items, making contributions and bribes, and improving the energy of an allied army when it comes to last battle.

You are able to accumulate at the very least 350 prior to The Landsmeet, if you've gathered most of the loot things and marketed everything to merchants without donating everything. Additionally it is possible to build up over 1, 000 before the Landsmeet without making any powerful Lyrium Potions. This requires that do all the readily available quests (including DLC), pass most of the money-related coercion dialogues, take from all out-of-combat NPCs and in-combat enemies, and sell all what to merchants, with the exception of the things of your four party figures.

If you do not want to worry about money while the jobs necessary for cash, you'll spending some time producing powerful Lyrium Potions (completely legit, no exploits) or mind straight to the Unlimited Money take advantage of.

Basic Mechanics

(for example. 5 sovereigns is 5). Two other forms of smaller denominations are utilized, silver and copper.


Note: This conversion of currency happens instantly.

General Notes

  • One of the best resources of money is attempting to sell loot. Be aware that every time you decide to prevent a struggle, provide up the power to loot the defeated opponents.
  • The Dwarf Noble Origin yields a particular markup rate for offering items to Gorim when you look at the Denerim market area. Earnings increases for all looted, taken, provided, or crafted things. Assuming that the purchase of products makes up for at least 2/3 associated with the complete income (an extremely conventional estimation), the Dwarf Noble may have around 67% more money than just about any various other beginning during the exact same part of the video game. They could in addition earn 95+ gold once Lothering is finished (start to see the Spellward).
  • Each time there is a dialogue choice to require money, do it now. There is not one choice in-game for which you get more cash by not asking. Worst-case scenario is you're getting turned down and/or accept unfavorable approval from an NPC, however these choices won't have any lasting impacts toward your ending.
  • You won't miss any crucial land things if you are inexpensive, therefore please refuse offering money to people-though it would likely impact the epilogue outcome for several NPC's (such Kaitlyn).

Potent Lyrium Potion crafting

Making powerful Lyrium Potions the most lucrative tasks into the game due to the fact money obtained from attempting to sell an individual concoction exceeds the cost of which makes it. Dwarf Nobles taking advantage of Gorim's special rebate have double the income, allowing profit becoming made from crafting and attempting to sell Greater Lyrium Potions and Lyrium Potions too.

The table below details understanding necessary for one powerful lyrium concoction while the ideal locations to get each ingredient. The listed merchants tend to be chosen since they minimize travel time, though various other merchants can be obtained. Note that although one can get up to 10 Lyrium Dust(s) when you look at the Wonders Of Thedas Shop, these cost 60

much more, thus decreasing profts by 2 gold 40 bronze. The resale value of a potion, 1 25 0, minus their cost of making a single potent lyrium potion, 1 3 10, yields a profit of 2190 per potion.

Note that it is tedious at best when making 500+ potions as the game requires one click per potion. For PC users there is a simple workaround in macro scripting programs such as Autohotkey, though tutorials are not covered in this wiki.


Maximizing the Warden's Coercion ability gains accessibility usually unavailable persuasion dialogues which frequently enable stronger negotiating roles with NPCs. Nearly all the significant part quests listed above will benefit straight with a high coercion.

The Strength and Cunning attributes also augment coercion. The strength score minus 10 is the base Intimidation, and your cunning score minus 10 is your base Persuasion. Each position of coercion adds 25 to both intimidation and persuasion. The best persuasion and intimidation checks tend to be 100, when you have actually e.g. a cunning of 85 for a cunning-based rogue, you certainly will only need one-point in coercion to pass through any persuasion inspections, however need more for intimidation inspections. 4 points in coercion negates any need to place even more points into power or cunning for extra coercion (although skill does require 16 cunning).


Stealing won't net you as much cash as lockpicking nevertheless could make above 5

because of the end for the online game simply from stealing.

Lock Picking

Maximizing a rogue personality's lockpicking skill will access secured areas and bins that may consist of cash or sellable products. The notable quests above should show when a lockpicking character is required for optimum earnings.

Warden's Maintain Celebration Chest

Products stored in the chest will autolevel along with the personality, and certainly will be offered for far more as a tier 7 item later on into the game. This behavior will be able to work on systems only, instead of PCs. Additionally a limit for the amount of products allowed to be kept in the upper body.

The Weapons web page details the purchase price multipliers for various tiers - a tier 7 (dragonbone) weapon is really worth 18 times over a tier 1 (iron) form of equivalent tool. The "average" weapon level through the online game is apparently 4 (Veridium) at price multiplier 9, vs. iron, which nonetheless yields two times the cash in the event that you postpone offering it until this has looked to dragonbone.

Not all the weapons and armor autolevel: Staves and unique things (like Aodh or Thorn of this Dead Gods) usually cannot; the same goes for most products with "darkspawn" within their name. But it works for general weapons and armor, and certainly will provide a quite significant revenue.

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