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Dragon Age Origins natural bodies mods

Ok, there's been lots of people who have already been having issues setting up this Override, therefore here is my guide on how best to do it, and wanting to protect a number of the issues that people have already been having.

Note: Mismatched Textures - if you attempt to combine and match areas of the body when you look at the newer versions of the mod, the colors won't match. So if you run into this problem, reconfigure your body parts to utilize components from all one human body. Like All NB for NB or All RL for RL.

Step one

Perhaps you have screwed-up currently? When you have currently put the 7z or overrride file into your documents/bioware/dragon age/packages/core/overrides folder DELETE IT. IF you have tried installing this file in DA Modder, UNINSTALL IT. When you have fallen the NBAIO.override file into DA Modmanager inside Installed DAzip's box of DAModManager, UNINSTALL IT. If not, then you can dismiss this step.

Second step

Installing and Configuring DAMM For those who have your DAModManager (DAMM) already setup and dealing correctly, you are able to skip this.

Install DAModmanager. The positioning where you set it up does not matter, so long as it is production is pointing towards our dragonage/packages/core/override folder. When you have difficulties with further install of mods thru this system- After setting up this system, go to the OPTIONS loss. Ensure Dragon Age Origins is placed as follows- Dragon Age Folder- Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age (today this differs somewhat from versions of windows. You will need to get a hold of in which your documents folder is by yourself. Google it, when you have massive problems with it.)

Screenshots Folder- documents\bioware\dragon age\screenshots Options Folder- Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\Settings AddIns Folder- Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\ AddIns

System road- Default locations about this one. Changes in the event that you informed your computer or laptop to set up the overall game to a different folder or various hard disk drive. DAO_exe- C:\Program Files\Dragon Age\bin_ship\daorigins.exe DAO_Config_exe- C:\Program Files\Dragon Age\bin_ship\DAOriginsConfig.exe DAO-Toolset_exe- C:\Program Files\Dragon Age\tools\DragonAge Toolset.exe

If an individual of these actually set correctly, click the location that's incorrect... Including where it states C:\Program Files\Dragon Age\bin_ship\daorigins.exe and a little package with three periods will show up. Click that Box and browse toward correct location, and click OK. IF you dont have that folder where it is allowed to be, create one whenever finished here, go through the loss that reads mods. We're done right here...for a minute or two.

Step three

Setting up 7zip Install 7zip. When you have done this already, or have an application that can open this particular archive, you can easily skip this.

Step four

Extracting the Override File. Plant the nbaio.override file from the nbaio.7z folder. This can be quick. Just right click on the nbaio.7z file and choose Extract or Extract right here from fall menu. (Sorry, its already been a long time since I used 7zip, i am perhaps not for sure what the options tend to be for that program anymore).

If you have currently extracted this file, you can skip this.

Step five

Installing the specific Override file. Ok, Now you've got your file unzipped, start the DA ModManager (DAMM) system if you don't already have it open. Situate your house windows so that you can drag and drop the file from in which it's, into DAMM. LEFT simply click and HOLD down the mouse key regarding the nbaio.override file, and pull it in to the package in DAMM that checks out Installed Override's. Overlook it thru the entire process of working the mod's files, and guess what? You have only set up it!

BUT...! You're not done however.

Action six

Configuration Now that you've got this installed, RIGHT visit in which it says NBAIO or Natural Bodies all-in-one, and choose CONFIG. Another screen will pop available, and you should have a list. Every one of these may be the choices for human body designs for every single offered battle, and race's gender. Simply click one, and you should get a drop package arrow to the correct of the screen. Select the option that you want to utilize from drop field and then click about it. Go directly to the after that range. Do the exact same.

Now, you don't have to pick an option on these, but if you never, they will use the ordinary settings that are included with the game. Or perhaps the standard for override, which will be something showing in your community where fall package starts up. If you are done, near the tiny window, and commence up your game to see if the override, and it's options took.

Ideally, with all fortune, you are all set If not... after that head to connect in top right hand corner of the display screen you'll see a grey rectangle that reads exactly what are you shopping for? with a hyperlink close to it that reads "Advanced" Click Advanced.

Where it states Get a hold of Words key in "bodies" (without the quotes) try not to always check search titles just. Decrease to where it states FIND IN FORUM, with an inventory in a box. Scroll thru that number unless you get to Dragon Age: Origins and hold scrolling down until you see General Talk Then click on the button in the bottom that checks out PERFORM THE SEARCH.

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