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Dragon Age Origins hair mods

Aesthetic mods (mods that add brand-new eye tints, hairs, skin shades, etc) to be utilized by your character aren't suitable. This means, if you install one or more cosmetic mod simultaneously, you may not see the resources included by them within the Dragon Age personality creator until you cause them to appropriate initially.

This guide will explain how-to put in multiple aesthetic mod for Dragon Age making them all suitable so you can access the sources they add from personality creator.

Necessary resources

  • Notepad or any other device that enables edition of txt files

How the character creator works

Dragon Age character creator looks for the sources (skintones, eye colours, hairs, tresses colours, etc) in a xml called chargenmorphcfg.xml. The character creator will show you only the sources which can be listed in that xml file.

Most cosmetic mods add their own chargenmorphcfg.xml file that contains the vanilla respurces and the ones included by the mod. But, when there is multiple chargenmorphcfg.xml file inside Dragon Age override folder, the game don't understand what type is the right someone to be applied together with character creator won't work properly. That's the reason why, whenever installing more than one aesthetic mod, you're going to have to add the sources the newest mod increases the listings inside chargenmorphcfg.xml file which inside override folder.

Notes * If you are setting up cosmetic mods that add resources employed by NPCs, and also you wouldn't like them for your personality, you don't have to edit the chargenmorphcfg.xml because file is only used by the smoothness creator. But, in the event that mod adds a new xml file, delete it or your personality creator will most likely wont act as you need it to.

You can even make use of the recently updated and improved: CharGenMorph Compiler, created by TerraEx, to mix the ".xml" files from numerous mods instantly. Additional information about any of it utility is available here: Using Dragon Age Mods for Dummies. But, if this tool does not work properly available or you would prefer to really make the modifications by hand, don't be concerned. You are able to edit the chargenmorphcfg.xml making use of any txt editor (example. "Wordpad" is very effective with this extendable.)

chargenmorphcfg.xml framework

Open the chargenmorphcfg.xml and you will see that this has several sections. Each part starts with a tag like this: and ends up with a tag like this: . Some areas have also subsections for every single of the races in online game to point that some resources can be obtained and then a few of the races and genders rather than to any or all of those.

The xml file gets the following parts:

  • contains the a number of preset faces being loaded when you look at the character creator. All presets end with a *.mop extension.
  • : contains the list of hairs which can be filled into the personality creator. There is a subsection per of this events and genders which you can use to generate your personality in game.
  • : provides the a number of beards being loaded into the personality creator. It contains subsections limited to individual male and dwarf male.
  • : offers the range of tresses colours being filled in personality creator.
  • : provides the variety of skintones which can be loaded when you look at the personality creator. * : contains the selection of attention tints that are loaded within the character creator.
  • : provides the a number of attention makeup colours that are filled within the personality creator.
  • : contains the selection of blush makeup products colours that are filled when you look at the character creator.
  • : offers the a number of lip tints which can be filled within the character creator.
  • : contains the listing of eyebrow and stubble tints which are filled in character creator.
  • : offers the list of the scalp tints which can be automatically assigned towards personality whenever you select a locks color.
  • offers the directory of tattoo colours which are loaded into the personality creator.
  • : provides the variety of tatoo files which has the person tattoos that you will be capable pick when you look at the character creator.
  • : offers the directory of complexions which are loaded in the character creator.

The particular resources (hairs, eye colours, skintones, etc) tend to be listed in each part or subsection such as this:

Incorporating new resources on chargenmorphcfg.xml file

If mod you are setting up already features a chargenmorphcfg.xml file:

  • change its title to a different name (like NewChargenmorphcfg.xml) and open up it utilizing Notepad within one screen.
  • Open your chargenmorphcfg.xml an additional Notepad example.
  • Compare your xml file (chargenmorphcfg.xml) and the one through the mod (NewChargenmorphcfg.xml within the example) and copy all of the outlines which are within the NewChargenmorphcfg.xml rather than on your own xml file, each one with its correct part and subsection.
  • Keep your chargenmorphcfg.xml file

If mod you may be installing doesn't have a chargenmorphcfg.xml file:

  • Start your xml file utilizing Notepad or just about any other txt editor.
  • Find the section you need to change: if you are adding brand-new hairs, go directly to the section, if you're including new eye colours go right to the part, and so forth.
  • In the event that part you will change contains subsections, like in the case of the section, locate the subsection regarding the competition you will be adding the hairs to: if you should be incorporating hairs for personal feminine characters, locate the subsection this is certainly between the and tags.
  • Glance at the mod data and include as many entries as data added by the mod, changing "name for the resource" by each file title.

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