Enter the Hidden Lair (left)

Dragon Age 2 Awiergan Scrolls

Is an Act 3 part quest in .


"Discover an old evil sealed beneath Kirkwall. Research Darktown for a concealed magical entry."


To acquire this pursuit you must very first discover one of several Awiergan Scrolls, either from the Wounded Coast or in the Dalish camp, and its particular particular hidden lair; this pursuit after that continues to be available although you do the other two.

Entry Location

To be able to enter the lair, you must have first found all three regarding the Awiergan Scrolls. The quickest way to reach the Lair is to go to Anders's Clinic. Oahu is the same home useful for the quest Birthright in Act 1. Entering the lair will trigger a cut scene were you will encounter a Pride Demon known as Hybris. Through fight, he will summon several colors and Rage Demons.

The Awiergan Scrolls - Pride UnboundThe fight with Hybris is a combination of avoiding Hybris' unique abilities and handling the animals he summons.

Two tanks must certanly be present at most (you're actually enough), while the ranged attackers of this celebration will deal most of the harm. The container could possibly be a warrior Hawke, Fenris, or Aveline. As a supplement, equip any melee characters with high nature resistance - a single Rune of Nature Warding in the allies' armor is sufficient (90% resistance). On Hard trouble, this may deliver the green fire shield's damage right down to 1.

Hybris will begin the battle with certainly one of either two capabilities, an eco-friendly fire shield that poisons nearby enemies, or a huge blue light-vortex on to the floor which traps and deals harm to enemies within its area-of-effect. You'll see these two capabilities throughout the battle, plus they are rather difficult to miss. The green fire guard makes the fight relatively problematic for melee damage figures without high nature opposition because it buffets these with good levels of nature harm each round. His melee assaults are a lot less punishing than their two unique techniques, however.

The blue light-vortex has to be come to an end of instantly. Placing your celebration on "hold" and informing them to go out manually is preferred with this simply because they wont run-out from it independently. After a couple of seconds, the light-vortex will trigger, stunning figures caught when you look at the center and dealing large amounts of harm.

It's also possible to use the mage spell Gravitic Ring to briefly decelerate Hybris. This spell calls for that have the power Mage specialty. Provided the enchantment is energetic Hybris remains inactive. This allows you to focus some time killing the shades and trend demons. After all of them tend to be eliminated you'll consider Hybris. You'll have to use the Gravitic Ring many times through the entire fight maintain Hybris inactive while you eliminate most of the waves of less demons. This plan is specially helpful on Nightmare difficulty.

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