Chantry of Our Lady Redeemer

Dragon Age Awakening Amaranthine

“There tend to be men just who embrace fate; they're those that replace the globe permanently.” — Flemeth
This short article includes spoilers for Dragon Age II. Click on this link to reveal them.

City of Amaranthine

The Warden arrives at the town discover the town is stormed by darkspawn. After a tiny battle the city's commander, Constable Aidan, greets you and The Messenger, an awakened darkspawn sent because of the Architect, shows up. The Warden is informed of an attack on Vigil's Keep, and the messenger and Aidan urge the Warden to come back to defend the continue.

Now the Warden features two options:

  1. Battle to save lots of the town plus the staying survivors (goes on the current pursuit)

Approval changes if the Warden-Commander elect to save your self the city:

Justice approves (+2) Nathaniel disapproves (-5), however if persuaded (+2) Oghren disapproves (-5), however, if persuaded (+2) Sigrun approves (+3) Velanna disapproves (-5), however, if persuaded (+2) Anders approves (+2)

Save the City Guard

Amaranthine under combat

If the Warden-Commander chooses to conserve the town from the darkspawn, then the pouches of darkspawn battling the enduring members of the town guard must certanly be eradicated. The darkspawn messenger will help. Round the city in a clockwise direction, there are activities with groups of darkspawn and children that must be beaten.

After saving the town shield, approach the City Guard Commander (marked with a yellowish icon above their mind). He can inform you that another wave of darkspawn are arriving and will get to Amaranthine within daily. He in addition suggests pay a visit to the Chantry to sleep and resupply. Next discussion, you certainly will re-appear into the Revered mom's bedchamber inside Chantry.

The Chantry therefore the Crown and Lion Inn

The Darkspawn just take areas during the Crown and Lion

Into the Revered Mother's chamber is an upper body to help you loot. Soon after leaving this space, a cutscene will begin, and a soldier will tell you yet another darkspawn assault, this emanating from the Crown and Lion inn. After ensuring him that you will look after the situation, you'll be liberated to loot the remainder Chantry. Eventually, Glassric the Weaponsmith normally in the primary room, although his collection of products is fairly limited.

Soon after emerging on the reverse side of the Chantry doors, you need to battle through several groups of darkspawn. There are many even more darkspawn available in Crown and Lion, including among three Disciple Generals. Following the fighting inside is finished, and before proceeding down into Smuggler's Cove, take the time to loot the inn. In addition to the darkspawn continues to be, there's a barrel in the home, a chest in just one of the rooms, and a sack beside the entry towards cove.

There are more darkspawn available when you look at the cove. One of them is a moment Disciple General which falls Flemeth's Broomstick, along with other loot and coin. Lootable items here include a locked upper body which you look for as you go into the cove, a pile of books in increased office location facing the dock, and a wooden crate on the dock. When you've finished looting, proceed with the tunnel on the reverse side for the office area to an exit which goes to a hovel beyond your town walls.


While you emerge from hovel, the final Disciple General (who will drop Lamppost in Winter) is standing menacingly at the conclusion of the lane. When you start assaulting him, he rapidly operates off, making an armored ogre alpha to pay for their escape. When these last two opponents are killed, the town is saved.

The Armored Ogre at the Gate

Nathaniel disapproves (-3), Justice disapproves (-3), and Sigrun disapproves (-3) .

The Warden-Commander will receive development your mom's lair has-been based in the Dragonbone Wastes. Aided by the city secured, some sort of Warden-Commander decides to head there to confront the caretaker and end the war starting the quest Depths of Depravity.

  • The Warden-Commander also can choose the fate regarding the darkspawn messenger that could have a small effect on the epilogue.
  • 1000 XP for arriving at the town of Amaranthine at first
  • 250 or 500 XP for every set of town protections rescued (7 total)
  • 1250 XP for clearing out the Crown and Lion Inn
  • 1250 XP for clearing out of the Smuggler's Cove
  • 3500 XP for beating the ultimate disciple basic and armored ogre
Note: that is an overall total of 10500 XP possible when compared with 8000 XP the Siege of Vigil's Keep; however, because difference in XP of protections saved right here and regular spawning of enemies at Vigil's maintain, the final XP is comparable and a toss-up.

The three Disciple Generals each carry one special item (along with other loot):

first Disciple General Suffering FaithBelt
a fabric cinch, oddly hot.

+15 security
+20per cent cool weight
+1 endurance regeneration in combat

2nd Disciple General Flemeth's BroomstickStaff
Dragonbone (Level 7)
Needs: 36 secret

Harm: 6.40 (Nature)
Armor penetration: 40.00
+10 spellpower
+10% nature damage

Elementalist's GraspLight gloves
Dragonwing (Level 8)

Armor: 1.66
Tiredness: 1.25per cent
+10percent fire harm
+10percent nature harm
+10per cent cold damage
+10percent nature damage
+10% electrical energy harm

(optional) third Disciple General Lamppost in WinterStaff
Volcanic Aurum (Tier 9)
Needs: 46 secret

Damage: 7.20 (Cold)
Armor penetration: 50.00
Rapid aim
+5per cent fire weight
+12 spellpower
+20% cool harm

Sage's Fuzzy Head-SweaterCloth helmet
This cap helps make the wearer wise, quick and powerful. In addition looks immensely ridiculous.

+4 dexterity
+4 willpower
+4 magic
+4 cunning

  • An email for people about to transfer their particular conserve to : Every partner that stays at keep will be flagged as lifeless, whether or not the continue is completely enhanced or exactly what the epilogue claims about a specific personality's survival, but Nathaniel's demise may be the only 1 that impacts the overall game. Anders and Justice will survive aside from your decision (or just what the epilogue says), while Oghren, Sigrun, and Velanna don't appear in Dragon Age II after all. If Nathaniel lives (which, if he had been one of many friends selected to save lots of Amaranthine), then your pursuit Finding Nathaniel is obtainable in Act 3, however if he will not survive, then your quest Fool's silver is going to be offered instead, in Act 2.
  • During the Save the town Guards side pursuit, you could encounter a Decoy darkspawn at northwest corner for the City of Amaranthine. It doesn't go or react, nonetheless it cannot be killed either. You are able because of this unkillable Decoy figure to secure every person into fight mode no matter position or lack of legitimate enemies. If this does occur, you can easily try to force your celebration to move past it, however, if this doesn't work you cannot complete the battle part of the quest and will also be forced to restore and attempt again.

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