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Dragon Age Awakening the mother

Once you reach the second tower, you should have a short discussion because of the Architect. At this point, you can opt to either ally with him, that may provide a particular energy during fight using the Mother, or strike him and just take him out of the equation. Killing him is influence-neutral, and nothing of one's party members need a lot of a problem with it, but opting to ally with him is difficult. Sigrun doesn't just like the idea and you'll drop impact despite making a successful Persuade check, and Justice will outright strike you if you don't manage to Persuade him usually.

If you opt to destroy him, pop warmth balm on all active characters initially, while making sure your mages are utilising defensive means. The Architect is followed by Utha, an old gray Warden which falls down and goes right after any personality inside backfield. You'll likely wish to concentrate on her first.

The Architect himself opens with an incredibly powerful Inferno spell that tends to sweep the field clean, and which is nearly going to hit everybody in the party. He then presses the attack with Fireball means. Alone, he is perhaps not a big deal if you have actually a reliable healer to you, although huge danger is Utha will murder your healer during or right after the Inferno nukes you.

After the battle, you are able to loot the Belt and Robes of Architect from, well, the Architect, which are great improvements regarding mage, and Utha is holding the powerful defensive accessory Doge's Dodger.

Whether you ally with or eliminate the Architect, go to the Nest to achieve mom, the last employer of Awakening.

At the beginning of the fight, the caretaker summons a few Giant Tentacles which can be interposed between her and your celebration. These do significant melee harm, which is more difficult because of the mommy making all of them protected to magical assault.

It is possible to cut through all of them rather readily with somebody like Oghren, while you allied aided by the Architect, you can call on him to nuke the whole battlefield with that Inferno spell of their. Mom's defense does not affect the Architect's power, cheerfully, so he can end the orifice stage of fight rapidly. Otherwise, your very best bet is always to pull back to the entry, from the mom, and destroy the tentacles one at a time.

As soon as most of the tentacles are dead, the caretaker spawns various dozen kids to harrass your back range while you attack her. Use area-of-effect spells like Blizzard or Inferno to wipe all of them away en masse, then concentrate on the Mother herself. She's some vicious attacks, including a grab move that you will should freeze the woman to flee, but the woman real security is in daunting a crowd of additional beasts.

Beating mom ends Dragon Age: Awakening. Might now arrive at find out the fate of the other celebration members, Vigil's Keep, Amaranthine, plus the surrounding country side, as decided by your actions during the game. Good luck.

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