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Dragon Age Awakening best armor

I just began playing this game recently after purchasing it years ago. This is my second time through Awakening today and I also respec'd and put all attribute points in secret.

Here is what I Have got. (No DLC except the free things)


Wade's Superior Dragonbone Plate Armor Set
Executioner's Helm (seems lethal aided by the Dragon Armor)

Bands: Soulbound (+50per cent nature resistance/+20per cent enchantment resistance/+100percent nature damage*)
* elemental harm capped at +50% I believe.
Earthbound (+15per cent nature resistance/+15per cent nature damage)
SET: +8 Willpower

Necklace: The Spellward

Belt: Andruil's Blessing

Weapon: Vigilance: +4 all atrubites/+2 armor penetration/+2 attack/+5 fire harm
Shield: Landsmeet


AW - all 4
BM - very first 3
Battlemage - all 4

Fire: very first 3 to Fireball

Heal (just one single point)

Spirit dining table: All 4 in Mana Clash line, very first 3 to Virulent Walking Bomb, all 4 to Crushing Prison

Entropy dining table: All 4 hexes (love those hexes, i personally use them all continuously), very first 3 with Horror and Sleep

Sustained buffs: Combat Magic/Spell Might/Elemental Mastery/Telekinetic Weapons

*Shimmering Shield and Blood Magic when required.

**Elemental Chaos is excellent when fighting huge teams clustered but drains mana very quickly.

- Activated Spells -

CC: Sleep, Blood Wound, Notice Blast*, Hand of Winter**

*Mind Blast is nice when you're surrounded securely by opponents and Sleep and bloodstream Wound enable control of the industry.

**Hand of Winter: WOW! An AOE frost all of them within their songs 360 degree short-range blast. Allowed me to entirely disregard the cool Table and it is a lot better than Cone of cool by a landslide. I personally use this enchantment all the time.


Spirit Damage is maxed away with Soulbound Ring so Crushing Prison and Blood Wound are constants as well as Walking Bombs with +15per cent nature damage from Earthbound Ring. Sleep/Horror are nice nature damage combinations to add on. We throw Fireballs around lots in addition to fire weight from Dragon Armor permits us to be inside the center of the destruction zone regularly with no Shimmering Shield activated.

The hexes tend to be irreplaceable, imo. They simply feed into everything I do. The initial 2 are single target and AOE hexes that make my spells' harm enhance as well as the third one Misdirection Hex is great for Elite/Boss enemies to make them miss, also it works often even on employers. Death Hex makes all hits regarding adversary critical hits also works great on employers.

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