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Dragon Age Awakening best Sword

I am playing through Dragon Age: Origins once more with this specific goal in your mind, so I'll describe the things I've done:


There is permitting Alistair operate on auto-pilot works effectively. The aggressive behavior, combined with tactics loadout described below, makes the AI quite smart and hands-off. But you really need to be sure you have a very good nature Healer (want Wynne) supporting him up.

Thus I've built him around me without having to do something with him: prioritizing their tactics load-out and passive skills.


Demonstrably, Alistair is going to be a warrior. You are secured in using the reasonably ineffective Templar expertise, but when you reach 14 and that can select an additional, definitely pick Champion.

  • Course: Warrior
  • Specializations: Templar, then Champion
  • Attribute priority: energy. Pop a couple points into Dexterity whenever abilities require it. If you have built your healer really, you don't need to get elegant with Constitution and Willpower.
  • Abilities: eliminate Training and overcome Tactics; never bother with the remainder. Alternate between selecting both centered on exactly what abilities you're going to get. If you'd like a talent that will require the following standard of fight Training have that, usually, get overcome Tactics.
  • Abilities: pay attention to filling out the tactics load-out described below. Getting to the 3rd tier associated with the first-line of Warrior Talents and all sorts of the outlines of Weapon and Shield abilities should inhabit most of your time.

Leveling Concern

Alistair starts with:

  • Talents: Righteous Strike, Powerful, Shield Bash, Shield Pummel, Shield Block, Shield Cover
  • Abilities: Expert Overcome Instruction

When I find the after when I leveled:

  1. Shield Defense (Weapon and Shield, second range, tier 1)
  2. Shield Balance (Weapon and Shield, second line, tier 2)
  3. Shield Wall (gun and Shield, second line, tier 3)
  4. Threaten (Warrior, first range, tier 2)
  5. Accurate Striking (Warrior, 2nd range, tier 1)
  6. Taunt (Warrior, 2nd range, level 2)
  7. Overpower (tool and Shield, 1st range, tier 3)
  8. Bravery (Warrior, 1st range, tier 3)
  9. Shield Tactics (Weapon and Shield, 3rd line, level 3, needs 20 Dexterity)
  10. Shield Mastery (tool and Shield, third line, level 4, needs 26 Dexterity)
  11. Concentrate on Champion for War Cry
  12. Death Blow (Warrior, 1st line, level 4)
  13. Shield Expertise (Weapon and Shield, 2nd line, level 4)
  14. Rally (champ, tier 2)
  15. Motivate (Champion, tier 3)
  16. Superiority (Champion, level 4)

This should simply take you to amount 20-ish. Note you don't need Master overcome Training before you get Shield Mastery, so spend your skill points on eliminate Tactics to ensure that you may use your capabilities.


As previously mentioned above, i did not like to micromanage Alistair, therefore I utilized here to take care of almost every encounter. Note due to my dependence on a passionate healer, Alistair does not utilize any sustainability/survival abilities.

  1. Self: Any → Activate mode: Threaten
  2. Self: Being attacked by a melee assault → Activate mode: Shield Wall
  3. Personal: becoming attakced by a ranged attack → Activate mode: Shield Cover
  4. Enemy: Closest Visible → Utilize ability: Shield Pummel
  5. Personal: Surrounded by at the least two opponents → Use capability: Taunt
  6. Personal: enclosed by at the very least three opponents → utilize capability: War Cry
  7. Enemy: Health >= 75percent → Use capability: Shield Bash
  8. Enemy: wellness < 75per cent → Use capability: Overpower


Equipment option just isn't specifically difficult, and I've found you should not worry about min/maxing to create him effective, and so I'm perhaps not probably bother with a mainly unneeded listing of exact gear you'll want. Generally Speaking:

  • Armor: Equip the heaviest you will find: in the end, you will be using huge armor. Favor equipment that features endurance regeneration and secondarily, on "tanking" stats like Constitution, Resistances, Armor, an such like.
  • Weapons: Sword and board: long swords plus the biggest shield you'll find.


It's really difficult to inadvertently mess-up building Alistair: you will find so few "tanking" alternatives into the online game you will in the course of time get everything you need by degree 15-ish anyway.

Finally, it comes either micromanaging Alistair as the de-facto primary (which takes practice), or a good strategies load completely (specified above) if that is perhaps not your thing.

Eventually, i can not worry enough just how much a blade and board tank like Alistair needs a good healer. If you should be perhaps not contemplating quitting a slot for a separate healer, it will likely be very hard maintain Alistair efficient.

See also:

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