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  • There is an endorsement bug special towards the characters Sigrun, Justice and Velanna wherein their particular approval score will immediately skyrocket to get frozen at +100, without giving their particular character-specific endorsement incentives and (in some instances) stopping their particular character-specific part quests from happening. It's possible that it is related to doing the Blight Orfans Notis Bord pursuit string (and perhaps other quests) before these characters have joined your celebration.
  • Solution: pc you need to reset the smoothness's endorsement score using a console demand. The tips to work on this are the following, making use of Sigrun for instance:
  • 1. Create a shortcut that tips toward file "daorigins.exe" within the bin_ship folder, situated inside your Dragon Age directory. Keep in mind that the standard shortcut will not indicate this file - you must develop a one.
  • 2. Edit the properties for this brand new shortcut, and place -enabledeveloperconsole at the conclusion of the goal range. Your target line should today look something such as this: "C:\Dragon Age\bin_ship\daorigins.exe" -enabledeveloperconsole. Once this is accomplished, go into the game by using this shortcut.
  • You need to be capable pick Sigrun's personality to use the command, so if you come in Vigil's maintain, leave it together in your celebration.
  • Select Sigrun and open the developer console by pressing all tilde (`) key. (Note that you simply will not be able to see a demand line or understand text you're entering - once you begin typing a command, all you might find tend to be arbitrary letters and numbers towards the top of your display screen. It is not a bug.)
  • Type runscript zz_gxa_addapproval Sigrun -100. This will eliminate 100 endorsement score and reset Sigrun's endorsement back again to 0. it is possible to leave some approval on her, but if you leave more than +24, the fix will likely not work. This is because endorsement incentives begin at +25, and you must be below this limit to begin acquiring their incentives. Note also that making use of this command to increase your party members' approval score won't grant all of them their particular bonuses.
  • Your personality's approval should today react typically to gifts/quests/events, and their particular character-specific part quests should be unchanged.

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