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Dragon Age Awakening Architect

The Architect encounters Bregan after the darkspawn capture and take him to a jail cellular in Kul-Baras. It begins to explain the scenario to Bregan, and tries to persuade him away from their suicidal course. But Bregan shortly efforts an escape, simply to be re-captured soon after.

The Architect later on awakens Bregan in their mobile. It further describes that taint is rapidly dispersing through their human body, and can sooner or later turn him into a darkspawn-like hybrid. It describes its intends to make use of the Grey Wardens in ways to carry lasting peace involving the darkspawn while the various other races of Thedas. It then leads Bregan through Deep Roads and provides him an opportunity to escape. Bregan refuses and agrees to assist the Architect in its plans.

The Architect after that accelerates the taint in Bregan's body so as he next awakes, he could be very similar to a hurlock. After awakening, Bregan discovers the Architect in an area which the Architect has actually changed into a library. Truth be told there, the Architect further describes its plan completely: to use the taint on most of Thedas also to eliminate the Old Gods before they could be turned into archdemons, therefore closing all future Blights and generating a lasting peace between darkspawn as well as other races. It also states that it's aware of the big death cost this program will involve, though it simply adds that the sacrifices should be necessary.

The Architect fulfills with Bregan and Genevieve as this woman is heading through Deep Roads by by herself. Bregan can sway this lady to be controlled by the Architect, although he recommends it to withhold numerous elements of the master plan from the girl, including the fatalities of most of the population of Thedas. After Duncan, Maric, Kell ap Morgan, Hafter, Utha, and Fiona tend to be grabbed, it comes to try and sway all of them too to become listed on its cause; just Utha complies. It then utilizes its secret to speed up the taint in Utha and switch this lady into a darkspawn in mere moments. The others, however, refuse, and generally are kept to by themselves. They ultimately escape on area save for Kell and Hafter who remain behind to be able to get the full time for the other people.

The Architect moves towards the area, to Kinloch Hold, in which very first Enchanter Remille has actually Duncan, Fiona, and Maric captive. It's revealed that Architect conspired with Remille and his supporters for his or her facilitate spreading the taint through their particular enchantments and in send it back taught Remille blight magic. In trade, Remille can save specific essential men and women in Orlais that will provide Maric as a captive on Emperor of Orlais. Challenging ensues after Genevieve learns a lot more of the Architect's program and its outcomes, in which she ultimately converts on her cousin and the Architect. The Architect then swiftly kills the woman along with its miracle. Bregan, enraged by this, turns on Architect too, cutting-off its hand. Utha helps the Architect and protects him from Bregan. Remille eventually betrays the lot of all of them, conjuring a lightning enchantment so as to eliminate them, exposing that he never ever meant to go along with the Architect's program, but Duncan along with his team engage him before he succeeds. During Duncan's have a problem with Remille, the Architect and Utha find a way to escape before Teyrn Loghain along with his causes storm the tower.

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