Dragon Age Awakening

Dragon Age Awakening armor



+1 armor
+0.5/+1 endurance regeneration in combat
+15percent critical/backstab damage
+10per cent real opposition


An artifact of an early on age, this suit of armor had been donned by the heroes through the final Blight. Its design is superb. Whenever prepared in a group because of the Warden-Commander plate boots and gloves, the type gains a plus to wellness, and spells or skills cost a lower amount to trigger.

Warden Commander Armor is a huge chestpiece in . It entails the DLC, and is an element of the Warden Commander armor ready.


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for Dragon Age: Origins.

  • The ready cannot port into Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. A Warden wearing the ready at the conclusion of Origins will start Awakening with no armor anyway.
  • An unofficial mod is found here enables users to move their DLC content items over to Awakening when creating a new character or importing their Origins personality. Make sure the products are in the inventory or becoming used during the time of transfer.
  • The level for this armor varies with respect to the degree of the Warden upon first arrival at Soldier's Peak.

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