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Dragon Age Awakening Avvar Crypt


Once you have eliminated the darkspawn, you'll manage Vigil's maintain, plus the throne area will start functioning as your base of businesses: that's where your companions will wait for you, that's where you will discover an enchanter (#6), and, whenever you leave (via Exit A), which is once you'll choose which friends will accompany you. Gaining control of Vigil's Keep will even supply you with the primary search for the expansion pack - Awakening - which will guide you through campaign.

1 - Mistress Woolsey

Mistress Woolsey may be the treasurer for keep. The 1st time you speak to this lady, she'll supply you with the pursuit The Righteous course. Later on, she will provide you with the quest Trade Must Flow.

2 - Seneschal Varel

Varel could be the seneschal of the keep. Initially you communicate with him, he will provide you with the quest Shadows regarding the Blackmarsh. Later on, he will be concerned inside quests Oaths of Fealty, A Brewing Conspiracy, and just about every day in Court.

3 - Captain Garevel

4 - Books

Inside pile of books, you will discover a Grandmaster Frost Rune Tracing, The Warrior's Heart, and much more.

5 - Books

In this stack of books, you will find a Grandmaster Hale Rune Tracing, Verses of ambitions, plus.

6 - Ambassador Cera

Cera will actually sell you a variety of runes and rune tracings. She'll additionally enchant products for your needs.

7 - Armor Stand

8 - Book

When you study this guide, might receive the heritage and background codex entry for Vassals and Their Liege.

9 - Gun Stand

Into the gun stand, you will discover Dumat's Spine, Chevalier's Mace, plus.

10 - Book

Once you study this guide, you are going to get the Culture and background codex entry when it comes to very first Warden.

11 - Yuriah

Yuriah will sell you a little bit of every thing, including a Golden Cog and a Scout's Medal. He will enhance their stock as you progress through the promotion, so make sure you examine back with him once in awhile.

12 - Personal Space Chest

13 - Private

The exclusive standing right here will let you know when you're needed into the throne area. 1st 2 times you speak with the lady, she will supply you with the quests The Prisoner and Oaths of Fealty. Later she will give you the quest each day in legal. The exclusive will even provide letters to you, that will trigger the Letters toward Commander quests.

14 - Dworkin Glavonak

15 - Herren and Master Wade

Like however campaign, you'll be able to utilize Herren and Master Wade to get and construct tools and armor. Herren also sell you Manuals of Focus, that you should purchase for the companions if not for yourself (unless someone happens to like their particular standard build). In the event that you ask Herren about equipping your troops, then he'll trigger the quest Elemental Requirements. If you show a "fantastical product" to understand Wade, he then'll supply you with the quest A Master's Work.

16 - Dungeon

You will fulfill Nathaniel Howe in a cell within the dungeon (it is covered inside quest entry when it comes to Prisoner). You will find Nathaniel's equipment, like the Bear's Embrace, in a chest labeled "prisoner's results." Eventually, you will discover Soap on a Rope in a supply crate by the home.

17 - Voldrik Glavonak

Voldrik is a mason. He will provide you with the quests price of conducting business (right away) and something Built Endures (after you've completed one primary element of the campaign).

18 - Groundskeeper Samuel

19 - Kitten

You'll find a kitten licking itself here. If you choose it, then you'll definitely get a Kitten. In the event that you give the Kitten to Anders, then he'll name it Ser Pounce-a-lot, and it surely will create a few conversations between companions.

20 - hallway of Warriors

When you look at the hall you will encounter a dying mabari war hound. Whenever you connect to it, you will discover a scroll that'll trigger the pursuit "Adria's Plight" (see #25). Additionally within the hallway you'll find a warrior statue. Examining it'll give you or upgrade the customs and background codex entry the Great Strife.

21 - Wine Basement

In just one of the crates when you look at the wine cellar you'll discover a bottle of western Hill Brandy. If you browse the letter next to the crate, then you'll definitely grab the Notes codex entry for Response from Rendon Howe.

22 - Prisoner Files

When you enter this chamber, you'll receive ambushed by a trio of shrieks, including a "yellow" shriek alpha. Following the battle, if you study the books into the space, then you'll obtain or upgrade the Culture and background codex entries for The Howes of Amaranthine plus the Great Strife.

You will also discover a shrine to Andraste in the chamber. In the event that you visit it and go through the torch close to it, a key door will open up, revealing a chest containing a number of items, like the ring Tingler.

23 - Dungeon

When you go into the dungeon, you will get attacked by a lot of (wimpy) prisoner ghouls. After the battle, you will discover some enduring prisoners secured in another of the cells. In the event that you allow them to escape, then Anders and Nathaniel will approve. If you push them to give up their garments initially, after that Oghren will approve.

24 - Avvar Crypt

The crypt begins completely locked. You can select the lock, but failing you will in the course of time get the secret on crypt when you look at the Deep roadways (#36), that you can be able to go to once you have completed a primary section of the campaign.

In the crypt you will discover twelve Avvar sarcophagi. If you loot all of them, then you'll definitely collect several potions, plus a Trickster's Cap, a Key of Kiveal, and more. Additionally get a hold of a sack containing a Howe Bow. If you give this present bow to Nathaniel, then he'll switch it to the real Howe Bow (and equip it), and you will get a pleasant chuck of approval from him. Just be careful - whenever you descend in to the lower the main crypt, skeletons will rise out from the sarcophagi and attack you.

In the western side of the crypt, you will find a home with four unique keyholes alongside it - one each for Haakon, Kiveal, Korth, together with Lady. To start the entranceway, you will need to discover keys that go into keyholes. You'll find the answer to Kiveal in just one of the sarcophagi within the crypt; others three you will find in Deep roadways (#26, #28, #35).

Beyond the home you'll discover the Avvar Deep Crypt (maybe not shown on the map), but when you are going in, the wraith (from #34) will hold the three avvar lords buried indeed there, and they'll attack you. After the fight, once you loot the bodies together with sarcophagi, you'll find Daisycutter, Venture, Wolf Treads, a Master Lyrium Potion Recipe, an exceptional Stamina Draught Recipe, and more.

Note: additionally find some crypt statues in the regular and deep crypt. These statues offers or update the society and background codex entry for The Great Strife.

25 - Antechamber

That is where might experience Adria the Ghoul, plus four ravenous ghouls. Killing these ghouls will finish the quest "Adria's Plight" (triggered at #20), that'll net you 500 xp. You will find a Ring of Mastery on Adria's corpse.

In addition within the area, you will find three things interesting: a letter (that may provide you with the Notes codex entry for Letter to Rendon Howe), a veridium deposit (inside of which you'll learn Veridium Ore, that you can requirement for the pursuit Elemental needs), and a knight's corpse (in which you'll get a hold of a silver Earring, a beneficial present for Anders).

26 - Shrine to Korth

Nearby the shrine you'll find three things interesting: a darkspawn corpse containing the Golden Idol of Korth, a vintage guide which will offer you or upgrade the community and background codex entry for Great Strife, and an urn containing the Key of Korth (which you'll need at #24).

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