Stone Brothers Quest

Dragon Age Awakening Brothers of Stone

Brothers of Stone

Venture Giver

Statue of war

Brothers of Stone is a part pursuit in . When you look at the Wending Wood, you would run into two statues, one labeled as the Statue of War and another called the Statue of Peace, which claim become cursed Avvars.


The Statue of War wants you to get the remains associated with the magister who cursed them, and eliminate the character to no-cost him.

The Statue of Peace desires your help soothe their brother, that he unsuccessfully tried to do-over many years. Peace features attempted to sleep but from time to time, he awakens due to his bro's requirement for vengeance. The statue explains that the magister's death will accomplish nothing: fury and vengeance won't free all of them, but serenity will. The statue wishes you to definitely relax his brother for them to both be at peace permanently. You have to decide to part with one of many brothers.


If you side aided by the Statue of War, you need to turn around and go slightly north. There are some bones of the magister. Disturb all of them and just what looks like an arcane scary will spawn. Destroy the old magister and return to the Statue of War.

If you decide to side using the Statue of Peace, talk once again with the Statue of War. He describes that his brother is poor: he was a thinker and a dreamer, not a warrior. Ask him if becoming upset features helped him whatsoever. A character with a Coercion ability of 100 can soothe the bro in which he will accept your path. Instead, without any persuasion required, ask if anybody has actually killed the magister in a lot of many years, then state which he will still be caught. Talk once more because of the Statue of Peace to end the pursuit.

In the event that you part using the Statue of War, next to him is a tribute left by the hero Dane: a blade, the wintertime Blade, stuck into the surface.

Although it might seem enticing to side utilizing the Statue of War to get winter months Blade, you may receive it from Utha later as a possible fall.

In the event that you part with all the Statue of Peace, he lets you know of their lore of herbs.

It is possible to nonetheless slay the magister afterwards, that may yield a unique codex entry detailing arcane horrors. But that way you'll not acquire the Winter Blade.

  • In the event that you kill the old magister, then you will have two piles of bones in the field. This explains the story for the Statue of War, which said your magister had been killed already once or twice in past times.
  • It is best to save yourself before deciding to eliminate the ancient magister, as occasionally its corpse will drop nothing.

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