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Dragon Age: Inquisition is a significant online game. There is a lot of stuff to prepare. Exactly what figures are you taking? What gear do you want? These personality guides aim to present a rough idea ways to build each character, playing to their skills and giving them a robust group of choices in fight, hopefully making time playing through the online game more enjoyable.

Clearly these aren't supposed to be "best" how to build each personality. Keep a remark should you believe a specific method happens to be neglected therefore we can all take advantage of it.


Dorian is probably the last mage just who'll join your team in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Given that his unique skill tree, Necromancer, favours scaring the adversary to death (alongside a few other things), it seems sensible to relax and play to Dorian's skills and develop him up as an aggressive mage.

If you have followed my various other two mage guides for Solas and Vivienne, this build also ensures that Dorian does not overlap too much in what either of the figures are attempting to do. If you want to blitz everybody with fire and lightning, then this is basically the build for your needs.

Spirit - Abilities

To begin with but we need to get the tips out of the way. Barrier remains important, especially if Dorian is the just mage you're bringing along in a specific celebration. Peaceful Aura can also be required, Dorian will fall quickly to enemy assaults. And, unlike Solas, he has less protective means to safeguard himself in a pinch.

Storm - Abilities

Now the fun begins. The Storm tree is focused on dishing on optimum damage, perfect for Dorian. Chain Lightning is a great spell to utilize on groups of enemies, Arcing Surge can be a reasonable improvement when you're utilizing Chain Lightning usually. The big pick-ups here however, are Static Cage, the closest this game gets to "Crushing Prison" from Origins, and also Static Charge a passive skill that helps protect Dorian when he's spitting out a magical barrage.

There is nothing in this tree that's especially bad, in all honesty. Energy Barrage is yet another worthwhile skill, and Lightning Bolt, together with the improvement, adds even more audience control. Conductive active is one thing to think about, to the stage in which I'd be lured to say certainly pick it up eventually. It is not as helpful on mage's love Solas, but also for some one like Dorian, he is very likely to have a fairly low mana pool normally using means he's casting.

Inferno - Skills

We are here simply for a couple of abilities. Immolate is certainly one these types of skill. Dorian could possibly deal countless harm, but he does not have much in the way of crowd-control, Immolate and Wildfire imply that Dorian can stress enemies, scattering all of them, and ensuring they do not post an excessive amount of a fight.

Based on what amount of skill things you've got lying around, the passive abilities aren't bad often. Flashpoint and wash Burn match the entire hostile method, only remember that there is a lot more choices after we arrive at the initial skill-tree.

Necromancer - Abilities

Horror and Despair complement the armament of attacking spells we completely. Blinding Terror is yet another necessity, increasing all of our panic-causing means. After that, choose what you like many, there is bit here that's not bad. Do observe that Simulacrum sounds some better than it is. Nonetheless, it is not too disappointing, great deal of thought's on the way to picking right up Walking Bomb and Virulent Bomb adding more crowd-control to Dorian's arsenal.


When built right, Dorian is a good inclusion to a party, particularly if your warrior slot(s) is taken up by an even more defensive container personality. With this specific create, he will enhance others mages you've got, in the place of feel a duplicate. Just remember, whatever takes place, hold enemies off him. He will drop quite rapidly against virtually any assault, even on the lower problems.

Enjoy wise, hold him on a ledge someplace, preferably above anywhere it's you're fighting. The A.I. is fairly good at maintaining mages straightened out, just make sure to check on in most now and then making use of tactical cam. Almost always there is the opportunity the game have chose to sending him hurtling to the middle of an enemy scrum for no reason. As soon as you grab their panic-causing skills but things are certain to get much easier.

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