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Yesterday, BioWare and Electronic Arts announced Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, the initial development pack to your critically acclaimed RPG. Set following the events of Origins, players will face new threats on land as they make an effort to hire brand-new celebration people to rebuild the fabled Grey Warden order. Packed with a ton of new features - including new party members, specializations and a larger level cap - Awakening should draw players right back to the realm of Ferelden.

IGN spoke with Fernando Melo, the web Producer for the upcoming growth pack, to get more insight about Awakening. And various tale and personality details, we also got some extra information concerning the Return to Ostagar DLC.

IGN: Awakening takes place after the activities of Origins. Just how much time has passed prior to the development occurs? So how exactly does it fit in with the present game and how do players access its content?

Fernando Melo: Several months have passed away since the end of Origins, or more precisely, the end of the Blight, which is the online game's focus for Origins. You might be kind of thrust forward whilst the new Grey Warden Commander when you look at the land. You may be given a place worldwide which wen't explored formerly called Amaranthine into the north of Ferelden. Basically, there are several items that being happening truth be told there, a lot of hearsay; once again, the Blight recently ended, therefore communication continues to be inadequate - folks are nonetheless certainly not travelling the roads that much, etc. They're kind of delivering you up there to figure out what are you doing and also to supply the Grey Wardens their rightful place into society according to whatever they've simply done.

So, you basically arrive indeed there, start to hear hearsay and see what's going on. We'll cover more of the back story later, but you discover that the Darkspawn have not gone back underground as has happened in previous Blights. Something else is keeping them down. In addition, you learn about something a bit more sinister: smarter, thinking, talking Darkspawn, which had never ever been seen prior to. There are lots of really good, extremely simple contacts with David Gaider's 2nd book, The Calling, in which he references the smoothness of Architect. That is variety of going to be your nemesis in Awakening. There are no spoilers or something that way inside book - you are able to review slightly towards history associated with personality and the thing that makes him tick. You will be a little bit more familiar about the Architect, nonetheless it wont spoil everything when it comes to online game.

Prepare to meet your new nemesis.

With regards to going right back through the user's experience, you can start the new promotion in Awakening from scrape, then you undergo personality creation. You really arrive as an Orlesian gray Warden Commander. It's not equivalent depth of something such as an origin story, but there is a whole new starting to the promotion truth be told there, and then you're thrust to the tale. Because Awakening does amount you up, and is set to just take characters having finished Origins, we are actually raising the level cap over the 20s. Everything we do is basically produce a fresh personality available that is at the right amount somewhere within 17 and 20 - we are nonetheless performing the last balancing pass for the. So through your personality creation, you will have more things to pay, and a lot of new spells and capabilities available.

You also have the option to import your personality from Origins through loading a conserved game, hence can be carried out at any time. You really don't have to have completed Origins to jump into Awakening, however it is a-one means process. As soon as you result in the leap to fast ahead that timeframe, you effectively end that Origins campaign while start the Awakening campaign with this personality. You can always return to your Origins salvage and carry on that independently, but when you get into Awakening, due to the level up-and the time passageway, there is no finding its way back to Origins at that point.

IGN: Speaking of the particular level limit, could you tell us just what the latest level cap may be raised to?

Fernando Melo:We can not because we are still managing it. You will most certainly result in the middle to high 30s - that's variety of current thinking, but which could however transform.

IGN: are you currently nearing story or game mechanics in a different way based on the reception regarding the initial online game?

Fernando Melo: The entire tale is based on a fresh land, along with brand-new followers, which you'll have to uncover what means they are get and exactly how to help keep them going. Among the best items that had been well-received from Origins was the follower banter and just how you micromanage them from time to time. So youare going to have a lot more of the.

But one of many things that we wished to do with Dragon Age as a team usually it really is all according to alternatives and effects. So there is a lot of reactivity to things that you've done in Origins if you decide to transfer that character. Needless to say, that'll depend on the decisions you made as well as just what point you're importing them into Awakening. Including, if you're coming from the end game save, subsequently there's likely to be much more reactivity, including [Spoilers Ahead!] because of ab muscles choices of how the Archdemon was defeated and who you wear the throne and all sorts of that kind of stuff - hopefully that isn't gonna spoil it obtainable! If you choose to import from a much early in the day point, then there is almost certainly not the maximum amount of reactivity, but you'll hear about specific rumors.

Might explore odd new areas of Ferelden.

For instance, if you select the modern story of the Orlesian leader, sometimes, you actually run into cameos of a few of your supporters. You will sort of learn about the tales of exactly what took place and exactly how anything performed or did not occur, etc. Should anyone ever return to Origins to replay that, you will see an alternative point of view in regards to what happened here, that will be particular nice. But actually it really is exactly about unveiling a whole new section in tapestry of Dragon Age, in which it's a whole new location. It offers its animals, this has unique mythos around that area and things that tend to be taking place here, and there is a lot to explore. Just like with Origins, there are a lot of different options as you are able to simply take truth be told there. This really is more info on enriching the action globe in place of reactivity to Origins. There is a few of that, but truly the focus is on our fresh tale.

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