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Awakening functions two brand-new courses for every of three limbs, as well as the classes from Origins. They're great additions to virtually any expertise, and really should be useful in your trip through Awakening.

Warriors will be the brute power of this group. This course is by far the strongest while the most difficult for the melee hitters. This course can utilize double Weapon, Weapon and Shield, or 2-Handed tool abilities. Load them up with powerful armor and tools, and allow the have at.
Guardian Attained at the beginning of Awakening
Spirit warrior Gained at the beginning of Awakening
Rogues are quick and nimble warriors. Stealth is the secret to success in every little thing. This class provides a more nimble personality that is a tremendously cunning fighter. This is basically the only course that allows for lock-picking, and gives enhances to coercion and stealing. The prefered tools are either swords and knives or bows. This might be probably the most readily useful throughout course to have, being that they are strong fighters, also capable of getting into secured chests right-away.
Legionnaire Scout Gained at the start of Awakening
Shadow Gained at the beginning of Awakening
Mages are versed in art of spellcrafting. Many mages tend to be provided for the Circle associated with Magi, where they truly are taught to utilize their particular capabilities precisely. There are lots of just who ahve remained outside of the circle, and regarded as dangerous Apostates. It's a smart idea to supply the mage magic robes, and effective staves. If you be and Arcane Warrior, after that there are many effective swords and armor for your use.
It must be mentioned that in the event that you choose to be a mage, you are going to begin into the Circle Tower, no matter what battle you are. Also Dwarves are the just competition that cannot come to be mages.

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