How to Enable the console to

Dragon Age Awakening console

ConsoleMake a shortcut to your "daorigins.exe" file (typically located in the C:Program data (x86)Dragon Agebin_ship folder) on your desktop, Start Menu, or wherever.

Note: This don't assist the shortcut developed during set up, because it points to "dalauncher.exe" rather than "daorigins.exe". You may need a shortcut pointing right to "daorigins.exe".

Appropriate go through the shortcut, choose properties, you can add these on end of line in the "Target" field: -enabledeveloperconsole — it should look something like this:

"C:Program data (x86)Dragon Agebin_shipdaorigins.exe" -enabledeveloperconsole

Make certain that there is certainly a single space amongst the final quote level and also the hyphen.

By modifying a game file

Another option is to modify the file "C:Program data (x86)Dragon AgedataDAOriginsLauncher.xml". This can enable you to run the overall game from the standard shortcut but requires you to definitely edit a game file that ought to be performed carefully and not before producing a backup of this file. Discover line

The line below should really be something like this:

Include an attribute arguments="-enabledeveloperconsole" to it allow it to be read:

TIP: to modify a .xml right mouse click and below Open would be Edit or available in notepad.

TIP: incorporating the feature just isn't to duplicate and paste the rule above as a new line - Overwrite the prevailing line using one above (backup and paste)

Mac users must locate the config file within user library by visiting

Library/Preferences/Dragon Age Origins Preferences

Copy and paste the following into the end of file:

[AppDefaultsdaorigins.exetransgaming] "cmdlineadd" = "-enabledeveloperconsole"


In the event that you launch the overall game from EA's Origin client, correct visit Dragon Age: Origins within the Origin customer and choose "Game Properties..." through the selection. When you look at the Command Line Arguments field, kind -enabledeveloperconsole and then click Apply. This works both for traditional and Ultimate versions associated with game.

Standard version

Visit your My Games tab, right-click on Dragon Age: Origins and choose characteristics from selection. In the General tab you will see a "Set launch options..." switch. Click it and include -enabledeveloperconsole on begin options area.

Ultimate version

Make it possible for console in the Ultimate Edition on vapor you must modify your DAOriginsLauncher.xml file. To achieve this, go to your steam library, correct select Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition, choose characteristics, choose the TOWN FILES tab, choose BROWSE LOCAL FILES..., go into the data folder. Open the DAOriginsLauncher with an xml editor (Notepad++ would work well here). Use Ctrl+F to obtain the following range:

It will probably likely be line 184. between 'autoquit="true"' and '/>', include:


such that the range will today read:

Save the file. Today, while not needed, you are going to wish a mod to let you truly see what you are typing into system, however it isn't required. Regardless you can expect to now have the ability to access console.

Note: always develop a back-up of the DAOriginsLauncher.xml before trying this.

Opening the system

Start the file "BioWareDragon AgeSettingsKeyBindings.ini" in your My papers folder. Discover line that claims "OpenConsole_0". You can easily change the worth after the equals indication (=) toward key or secret combo you want to use for opening the system after running the video game. E.g.: change it out to "Keyboard::Button_Tilde" (without the quotes) to start the console by pressing the ~ button when you look at the top remaining place of one's keyboard. You may keep it as "Keyboard::Button_Grave" and use the "backtick" character, that is located underneath the tilde.

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