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Dragon Age Awakening Justice

"This world is nothing like I thought it would be."

  • And thanks for that. We be thankful.
  • You barely know any thing about this!
  • Perhaps you should help united states, alternatively. (+5)
  • Confrontation with Aura

    (First time entering Vigil's maintain with Justice inside energetic party; she is standing near a really inside central courtyard)

  • Kristoff was killed because of the Darkspawn
  • Maybe You should calm down…
  • You had been Kristoff’s wife?
  • Don’t be worried about it. There’s absolutely nothing we are able to do.
  • Bad woman. It should be a surprise to master similar to this.
  • I did son’t find out about the lady often, Justice.
  • Elf Corpse in Velanna's Campsite

    (Some choices will vary for Dalish elves, as shown.)

  • They're known as the Dalish./We are known as the Dalish.
  • There aren’t a lot of their individuals around./We are identical people, however of the identical clan.
  • Seems like these were outcasts, even among all of their very own./We're not similar. They were outcasts.
  • Because we never gotten along with elves. (Humans just)
  • Because people hate my folks, and will have. (Elves just)
  • The Dalish opted for their course./My men and women opted our road.
  • We don’t know. Life is not very reasonable.
  • Because they’re perhaps not powerful adequate to battle. (-5)
  • We’re much less comparable while you believe.
  • We agree. It’s extremely pointless.
  • So we should all hold fingers? Absurd! (-3)
  • I wish things were that facile.
  • Note: The gift yields maximum approval despite alternatives below (+20) .
  • You discovered it, just like I inquired people. I'm most grateful.
  • You are welcome.
  • It wasn't quickly come across.
  • I hope it's useful. Note: If given before initial Throne place discussion in which he needs some thing made of lyrium, then answers are very different, also it appears max endorsement is (+18) .

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