Leliana Emelos

Dragon Age Awakening Leliana


Is automatically provided at the beginning of online game

Codex text


I am hoping you are well. Alas, I am unable to come to the keep as I promised. I am so sorry, although Grand Cleric herself wants to speak with me personally. I'll inform you all about it when We have had my audience.

Is-it real the darkspawn haven't retreated? Irrespective, I am sure you've got it in order. Wish I could be indeed there, killing darkspawn beside you. Maybe you could save some in my situation?

(All right, that has been a joke. Never free them. That would be ridiculous.)

You will be constantly in my own ideas.

P.S. Perchance you could give consideration to growing some roses around your continue? That would ensure it is much prettier, don't you believe?

Further information

This letter as well as the letter from Zevran usually do not appear in the original launch type of the expansion. This really is an officially confirmed bug and contains been fixed when you look at the 1.04 spot.

Despite neglecting to appear just before patch 1.04, this page is roofed in all versions of this growth into the talktable file dao_prc_ep_1_en-us.tlk. Talktable data aren't simple text, however they do include more and more unordered text strings which can be perused once you learn what you need to find. On a PC running a version for the Microsoft Microsoft windows operating-system, the writing with this page might seen by opening up the above-mentioned talk file in notepad and performing a find on "L age l i a n a". (never type the quotes to the find field, but ensure that you through the rooms in-between the letters of the woman name.) Leliana's name is discovered four times in the file. The specific letter itself starts with the next of this four, while her trademark in the page could be the 4th and final time you will see her title within the file. (the very first two occurrences tend to be her epilogue entry and a quick mention of the the woman love letter respectively.)

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