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Gold And Silver Coins

Precious Metals is one of the most profitable quests in, when it comes to pure currency. Rogek in Dust Town is within dire need of help. He requires you to definitely get their lyrium toward Circle Tower.


If the Warden enters Dust Town, Rogek is going to be waiting near Alimar's Emporium together with his males. When talked to, he'll proposition the Warden to deliver smuggled lyrium to Godwin into the Senior Mage Quarters of Circle Tower. He will ask the Warden for 50 as a warranty and he are persuaded to lessen this to 40 . If Warden doesn't have the silver Rogek will notify you that you cannot accept the deal in which he leaves permanently.

For those who have perhaps not begun Broken Circle yet but intend to part with all the templars then chances are you should start this quest initially while making the deal with Rogek when you first fulfill him. However, when you yourself have already sided utilizing the templars in Broken Circle, truly the only lucrative outcome is to interact with him in a fight. If you accept their deal and soon after make sure he understands the Circle is finished, you simply will not get back your hard earned money - not even in the event that you sell the smuggled lyrium you are offered - and then he will nevertheless attack you.

Godwin's Locker Area

Handle Rogek

You will find four ways of doing the original ending up in Rogek:

Make sure you conserve before entering Dust Town because it may take several tries to take the smuggled lyrium. In addition, it is suggested you have Master Stealing and supply any things that boost your thief's cunning, like: Duncan's Sword, Quicksilver Arming Cap, Dusk Ring, The tall respect of House Dace and Silverleaf. If Leliana can be used, Marjolaine's Recurve and Seeker's Circle can be used aswell.

Cope with Godwin

After obtaining the smuggled lyrium, happen to be the Circle Tower. In the event that cracked Circle pursuit has not been finished, it should be done to fulfill Rogek's contact, Godwin. Within the Senior Mage Quarters there clearly was a closet that may be triggered. Godwin is hiding in this cabinet and will emerge to consult with the Warden. If the cracked Circle quest had been already finished, Godwin might approached and talked to whenever you want. If, but when working with the occasions in the tower, you chose to side using the templars, by the time you come back for this pursuit Godwin is not any longer into the closet, and it is no place to be found. When you're back again to Rogek, a fight will occur.

) or else you will only be in a position to end the conversation and Godwin will disappear. for lyrium, but could be persuaded to pay 60 , or even 65 and a Crow Dagger (by picking the 75 dialogue choice) in the event that you pass a rather difficult coercion check. If he is not persuaded, he'll offer 53 instead it is therefore nevertheless worth wanting to persuade a higher price also without any points in coercion. He can disappear completely if this offer is not acknowledged. Additionally, Godwin could be blackmailed for an extra 8 whenever requested why he needs all this work lyrium then threatening to report him into the templars. The blackmail choice requires two additional successful persuasion checks.

Back again to Rogek

finder's charge. He is able to be persuaded your package had been for 30 , and he will respond that he cannot believe he'd provide that much. This can end up in 25 , or no change after all in the event that you fail the persuasion check. With regards to the Warden's coercion, there might only function as choice to attempt to convince him it had been 20 . You additionally have the choice to intimidate him for 20 - if an individual does not work properly, decide to try another. If the coercion effort fail, Rogek is killed and looted of 20 , but you will have no gold on his corpse if the Warden pick-pocketed the 20 earlier.

This is very lucrative quests inside base promotion. In the event that correct choices are built, the Warden's financial investment are almost tripled.

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