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Whilst the title says, this adds a tiny dialogue with Anders at Vigil's maintain, enabling the Warden (female or male) to kiss or have intercourse with him. Reactions will be different based on relationship degree, persuasion abilities or perhaps the standard of closeness achieved. You may be good to him or an entire jerk, that will also provide approval effects. The standard vanilla conversation (if any when this occurs) will play right after the customized one. However, if you have got reached a relationship standing with Anders of Friendship/Love, you might break with him, in which case the conversation and activities defintely won't be offered anymore.
The views will play for humans and elves, though maybe not dwarves (sorry!).

Are considering that, because of the limits of Awakening's dialogue, it is certainly not a full-fledged love, but just some stupid thing for many who liked Anders in Awakening and could have liked a few more interactions. The cutscenes had been made using the vanilla views from Origins and are usually not even close to perfect (cutscene creation actually a powerful point of my own), however, if some one really wants to enhance, alter or even include new moments, i am going to gladly give you the required resources. I will not be performing more romances for any other Awakening characters, however if somebody would like to, I don't mind assisting with resources or tips.

Installation and compatibility

Unzip in your My Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age/packages/core/override

This mod must certanly be appropriate for everything, since no original files had been touched.

No songs troubleshooting

It's very most likely which you won't hear any songs through the kiss and sex scenes. If that's so, get the files "music", "music_notstream_sting" (in both C:\Program Files\Dragon Age\packages\core\audio\sound), "da_sex_cutscene.fsb", "da_sex_cutscene.fev", "conv_romance_bank06" and "conv_romance" (in C:\Program Files\Dragon Age\modules\single player\audio\sound), and copy them into your override folder using the other mods.

Resources utilized

-Toolset v. 1.0.1
-FSB Extractor

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