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You will find eight various monuments when you look at the Wending Wood, spread throughout the map. None are hidden, however some have been in obscure areas in which they're very easy to miss. Take rubbings of each and every one back into Kendrick in Amaranthine to earn 13 sovereigns.

You can find five Ancient Sylvans when you look at the Wending Wood, every one of that may attack you on sight. You need to be able to find all of them easily by carefully examining the area, such as the spider lair southwest from abandoned Dalish camp. Collecting all five types of Ancient Sylvanwood and turning them in to Kendrick is worth fifteen sovereigns.

Wynne, present in Amaranthine while watching Chantry, will request you to find Ines on her behalf. Ines is southeast through the Silverite Mine within the Wending Wood, and she's in search of prickleweed seeds. There is these on a bush only southeast associated with entry into the Silverite Mine. Provide them with to Ines to receive a few dishes for assorted poultices and send her on the way.

The Old a person is a powerful sylvan discovered near Ines when you look at the Wending Wood. Loot his corpse after the fight to get a piece of Heartwood, which you can bring to Wade for an opportunity at a unique bow or shield. Wade needs four what to build often:

The Oil is available when you look at the cooking area in Crown and Lion tavern in Amaranthine.

Catgut are present by looking a-dead mabari in wrecked city during the Blackmarsh.

You can aquire a Flawless Ruby from Henley in Amaranthine, or loot two of those from the Golem Master in Kal'Hirol.

Finally, the Grandmaster Lightning Rune should be created by a grandmaster runecrafter. Yuriah, the business in Vigil Keep's throne area, may have the necessary tracing available if you've finished the Trade should Flow pursuit.

It really is really worth mentioning here your Heartwood Shield may be the single most useful tanking shield in Awakening (even though you could argue that the Landsmeet Shield is somewhat better for an arcane warrior), and will be an important improvement for anyone who's on meatshield responsibility.

The Statue of War and Statue of Peace stand-on the east side of the Wending Wood, only south through the Darkspawn Camp. Speak with the Statue of War and accept assist him sleep, after that examine the Magister's stays towards north. (if you should be having difficulty finding them, they truly are actually a pile of bones, that might blend in with any darkspawn you have slain when you look at the instant location.)

This wakes up an arcane horror, which is effortless enough to destroy. Come back to the Statue of War and collect winter months Blade.

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