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This significant tome, prohibited because of the Chantry, offers the life classes for the wisest, best, and bravest of elves of the Dales.

The handbook of Focus is a tome in . These tomes will respecialize the Warden-Commander or a partner whenever used, efficiently enabling manual re-leveling and stat re-distribution from degree 1. To make use of the handbook, get access to it from your own radial selection, from the potions loss. The tome is consumed upon usage and there is no limitation towards the number of tomes a character may use.


  • pc Imported characters which gained attribute points through the free attribute points exploit will totally lose all of the additional feature things after using the Manual of Focus.
  • pc The guide of Focus is exploited to rapidly gain all skill and spell-based Completionist Achievements (PC just): Save the overall game before utilising the manual, make use of it on the primary personality, then invest sufficient skill points to master all talents/spells from a single regarding the teams that you have not yet attained the achievements for, reload and perform.
  • ps3xbox360Some imported figures with more than 99 characteristic points may go through a maximum limitation of 99 attribute things that may be reclaimed because of the tome. If you've received greater than 99, some things are lost. e.g. An imported degree 24 mage after using every tome from Origins can begin Awakening with 105 additional characteristic things, 10 skill things, and 33 means. After utilizing a Manual of Focus, this will probably change to 99 characteristic things, 11 skill things, and 33 enchantment points to spend. (This bug doesn't appear to exist regarding the disk type of the 360 online game.)
  • Using a Manual of Focus while a guard is equipped may cause unpredictable behavior utilizing the guard afterward. It might probably go away completely or appear upside down at unusual times. A potential fix is to pull all equipment before using the tome.
  • pc ability Point recalculation seems to be wrong for characters imported from . Each time a Manual of Focus is used from the brought in personality it will probably award another skill point. It really works with the Warden and companions. With newly produced Orlesian Grey Warden characters the recalculation had been proper. It might have some thing to do with preselected skills, as newly developed Wardens and party people have only one preselected ability, as the imported Warden has two (e.g. in case there is a Dwarven Noble warrior 2 quantities of combat training tend to be preselected, while an Orlesian Grey Warden mage only has 1 degree of herbalism preselected).
  • In the event that guide of Focus is employed several times you're able to get another skill and skill point each time.
  • pc with the guide of Focus while putting on some items that grant attribute incentives trigger these incentives becoming added to the type's qualities forever, i.e. the feature incentives will stay, although the products are no longer equipped.

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