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The Architect encounters Bregan following the darkspawn capture and simply take him to a jail cell in Kul-Baras. It starts to explain the scenario to Bregan, and tries to persuade him from his suicidal path. However, Bregan shortly efforts an escape, simply to be re-captured right after.

The Architect later on awakens Bregan back in their cellular. It further describes that taint is quickly spreading through their human anatomy, and can sooner or later turn him into a darkspawn-like hybrid. It explains its intends to utilize the Grey Wardens you might say to carry lasting peace involving the darkspawn and also the more races of Thedas. It then leads Bregan through Deep Roads while offering him a chance to escape. Bregan refuses and agrees to aid the Architect with its programs.

The Architect then accelerates the taint in Bregan's human body to ensure that when he after that awakes, he could be very similar to a hurlock. After awakening, Bregan finds the Architect in an area that the Architect features changed into a library. Indeed there, the Architect further explains its plan completely: to use the taint on most of Thedas and destroy the Old Gods before they may be converted into archdemons, hence closing all future Blights and producing a long-lasting peace between darkspawn as well as other events. In addition it states that it's alert to the large demise cost this program will involve, though it simply adds your sacrifices should be required.

The Architect satisfies with Bregan and Genevieve as she actually is heading through Deep Roads by by herself. Bregan can persuade the lady to listen to the Architect, although he recommends it to withhold many parts of the master plan from the lady, for instance the fatalities of much of the people of Thedas. After Duncan, Maric, Kell ap Morgan, Hafter, Utha, and Fiona tend to be grabbed, considering attempt to persuade them besides to become listed on its cause; just Utha complies. After that it utilizes its secret to speed up the taint in Utha and turn the girl into a darkspawn in only moments. Others, however, refuse, and so are left to themselves. They sooner or later escape into the area save for Kell and Hafter which continue to be behind in order to purchase the full time when it comes to other individuals.

The Architect travels to the area, to Kinloch Hold, where First Enchanter Remille features Duncan, Fiona, and Maric captive. It is revealed your Architect conspired with Remille and his supporters because of their help with distributing the taint through their particular enchantments plus in send it back taught Remille blight secret. In trade, Remille can save certain essential folks in Orlais and may also present Maric as a captive toward Emperor of Orlais. Challenging ensues after Genevieve learns more of the Architect's program and its results, in which she in the course of time converts on her behalf cousin plus the Architect. The Architect then swiftly kills her using its magic. Bregan, enraged by this, transforms on the Architect and, cutting-off its hand. Utha helps the Architect and safeguards him from Bregan. Remille ultimately betrays the significant them, conjuring a lightning enchantment so as to kill all of them, revealing he never ever designed to accompany the Architect's program, but Duncan and his group engage him before he succeeds. During Duncan's have trouble with Remille, the Architect and Utha are able to escape before Teyrn Loghain along with his causes storm the tower.

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