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Dragon Age Awakening quests


The Awakening (quest)

The Awakening is a main quest in, plus the title associated with the overarching quest type of the expansion campaign.


Unravel the mystery behind the sapient darkspawn

  • The leader associated with the attack on Vigil's Keep had been much more cunning than any darkspawn ever experienced. Seneschal Varel, Captain Garevel, and Mistress Woolsey are familiar with the spot's matters, and could manage to provide leads associated with darkspawn activity.

Talk to Captain Garevel

Talk to Seneschal Varel

  • Varel, the Seneschal of Vigil's maintain, stated he needed seriously to speak to you about immediate company. He will be inside keep going to to its operation.

Talk to Mistress Woolsey

Fight the darkspawn military

  • A massive darkspawn military is attacking the Arling, unless the gray Wardens can defeat them, nothing of those you have been entrusted to safeguard will survive.


Quests that can be done in just about any order

After quests

  • pc The pursuit that needs one to talk to Mistress Woolsey will show up is incomplete in the pursuit log while you have already talked to this lady and received The Righteous Path quest. By Computer V1.05, this might be however prevalent. Talk with Seneschal Varel after Oaths of Fealty service and get about Kristoff once again. This will update the pursuit journal precisely. To prevent the bug from the start, talk to Mistress Woolsey initially, after which, the other two.

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