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Assist!! I've had no crashes at all in Awakening (but accustomed crash lots in Denerim) until this aspect, and this crash prevents me personally from being able to advance in Awakening. I've established the video game 10-15 times and tried again and again, also restarted my computer system and attempted once more, nevertheless the game crashes at identical spot-on this course, correct while you try to walk past the crazy, crying girl sitting by a boat (1st evident human the thing is that when you look at the Fade). Since there is no other path to reach this town area, containing the next main part of this storyline to obtain the hell out from the fade, i'm therefore frustrated that I'm about ready to only lookup the ending to Awakening and start to try out Dragon Age 2.

I'd countless mods installed for Origins that didn't also transfer into Awakening, but We went in and turned them all of anyways to see if that might divert the crash. Nope. I googled and searched on online forums for someone who might have had an identical crash within exact same location as me personally, but i possibly could get a hold of no body.

In addition of note: I tried to visit "Configure" regarding preliminary menu to discover if I could search for a solution inside, but that can crashes every time I make an effort to start it. I'm at a loss.

Kindly! Some sort heart assist me! We overcome Inquisition twice but never ever played 1st two games for the series thus I have always been playing through and loving all of them so much now! Except for this crash! Maybe not loving this, when I would much choose to be able to play towards ending of Awakening, not need to skip it and begin DA 2!

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