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Loot scholar's corpse

The Wending Wood stone problem is an optional problem in .


While traveling through Wending Wood, close to the granite deposit, you will discover the corpse of a scholar quietly of course. Looting him will give you a strange stone and a battered record (Codex entry: A Scholar's Journal). It quickly tells about the magical rocks employed by Tevinters along with his trip of finding an uncommon little bit of stone. While you continue down the path, or from map, you would run into a distinct framework made of multiple circular stones laid out in a pattern along the surface with damaged articles surrounding the outside.


There are multiple approaches to complete the problem. The purpose of the problem would be to link every rock with one constant line of fire (i.e. connect-the-dots), beginning and closing on original rock used to start the puzzle. You don't need to help make a whole group of fire but you can just utilize each stone as soon as.

Note: it is advisable to go your party off to the side and also all of them hold their place as you try the problem.

First solution

Wending puzzleA demonstration for the instructions provided

  1. To start, select the lone 'Stone' marker. Clicking it's going to open three various 'Stone' choices or guidelines you could pick to locate out your type of fire. Simply clicking another stone traces a line to that particular 'Stone' and then gives you brand new options of 'Stones' to choose to continue your range.
  2. Of 3 choices, on either part or the outside, click the 'Stone' marker which on the exterior. Resume around clockwise connecting all outside 'Stone' markers. You ought to have finished in the marker beside the first outdoors marker you began with.
  3. Now, go inward and click from the 'Stone' marker on middle ring. Keep right back, counter-clockwise round the middle ring before you tend to be beside the beginning rock.
  4. Go through the 'Stone' marker on innermost band. Continue around clockwise once more until you complete striking each rock because band. You need to be next to the final open 'Stone' marker left on center ring.
  5. Last but not least, select that open marker in the center ring and finish your continuous line of secret fire by clicking straight back regarding beginning starting rock. You need to have connected every 'Stone' completing the problem.

2nd solution

An alternate answer

These solution can be done without linking all paths.

  1. Place the stone.
  2. Begin by activating the very first rock.
  3. There must be three stones offered to touch, trigger usually the one closest to a rock line.
  4. Three more stones are now actually offered, position your party members to enable you to use the radial selection to stimulate most of the rocks at the same time.

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