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+2 magic
+3 emotional weight


Mages just who refuse the Circle's control become apostates and inhabit fear of a templar's powers-the power to dispel and withstand miraculous. As servants of the Chantry, the templars have-been the top method of controlling the scatter and use of arcane energy for years and years.

Templar is just one of the specializations available to the warrior course in . The templar specializes on anti-magic fight.


Often portrayed as stoic and grim, your order of Templars originated as martial arm of Chantry. Equipped with the capacity to dispel and withstand magic in addition to their particular formidable combat talents, the templars tend to be uniquely competent to behave as both a foil for apostates – mages whom refuse to send to your authority regarding the Circle – and an initial type of protection from the dark capabilities of blood mages and abominations.

While mages usually resent the templars as symbols of the Chantry’s control of secret, individuals of Thedas see all of them as saviors and holy warriors, champions of most that is great equipped with piety enough to protect the whole world through the ravages of nasty secret. Actually, the Chantry’s militant arm looks very first for skilled warriors with unshakable faith within the Maker, with a flawless moral center as another issue. Templars must carry out their particular task with an emotional distance, plus the Order of Templars would rather have soldiers with religious fervor and absolute loyalty than paragons of virtue which might concern orders when considering time for you make tough alternatives.

It's this feeling of ruthless piety that many frightens mages once they obtain the templars’ interest: When the templars are sent to eliminate a potential bloodstream mage, there is no thinking together with them, and if the templars are ready the mage’s secret is generally all but worthless. Driven by their trust, the templars are very feared and respected causes in Thedas.

Templar Abilities

Passive The templars tend to be enforcers specifically made to control and slay mages. Each of the templar's melee strikes against an enemy spellcaster drains its mana.
Number: Individual
Activation: 40
Cooldown: 30s
Needs: Amount 9
The templar purges the area of miracle, the removal of all dispellable effects from those nearby. Friendly fire possible.
Number: Medium
Activation: 70
Cooldown: 40s
Requires: Level 15
The templar hits down with righteous fire, inflicting character harm regarding the target alongside nearby opponents. In the event that target is a spellcaster, it should pass a mental weight check or otherwise loses mana and takes extra nature damage proportional into the mana destroyed. All affected opponents are stunned or knocked back unless they pass physical resistance inspections.


The templar expertise can be taught by Alistair if their approval rating is sufficient. Bodahn Feddic when you look at the Party Camp additionally sells a manual which will unlock the expertise for 15 0 0.

Note: If you save before buying only reload game and you also have the expertise unlocked (since it works for all specialization manuals).

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