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Dragon Age Origins Correspondence Interruptus

is a quest through the Favors for Certain Interested Parties board.


"R" has a tiny demand. "it certainly is useful to have a big name inside pocket, and you'll find nothing a lot better than snagging all of them with their particular knickers down. If, in travels large, some body were to discover notes between illicit fans, i've particular professionals who can maximize the texts." As you travel, look out for 12 of those records. Bring twelve of these to the well-connected bartender for an incentive.


  • Skip Ambrose,
    Brecilian Ruins: behind a secret home to the left, soon after entering the Ruins Upper Level.

    Note: in the event that you decrease the stairs and along the ramp made from tree origins to this key door, you have gone past an acceptable limit. Turnaround and return back up the stairs and look to your right.

    Note: On computer, pushing TAB will simply highlight the key home when standing really near it. In addition, you must very first approach the key home before it'll emphasize together with your cursor.
  1. It really is interesting to see that whilst woman just who had written this letter tells the addressee that their relationship must end ("we ought to remain chaste"), the first letters of each range form the language "DON(')T STOP".
  • The subject associated with the quest originates from the Latin phrase "Coitus Interruptus".
  • Often, despite all twelve letters are acquired, there will simply be ten or eleven into the player's inventory, rendering the quest impractical to complete. The explanation for that is unknown. Really the only means to fix this is to allow the system and by hand add the 11th and 12th letters to your inventory. (PC just.)

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