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Law and Order


Upon going into the City of Amaranthine the very first time, a city guard will approach both you and wish search your bags for smuggled items, for which he's rapidly scolded by his leader in protection of this Warden-Commander. The city is having difficulty with smugglers and thieves who've all but taken over the town. You're going to be approached by Constable Aidan who can let you know that, if you have time, the town guards could use your help with a particular problem.

There are two distinct paths that you can take with this quest line: you can help the smugglers, or you can help the city guards. If you choose to side with the smugglers, you get an extra person to fight at Vigil's Keep for you, as it is the only way to get a key into the guard house in Amaranthine, however the guards will call you a murderer and treat you rudely.


The "Dubious Personality"

Consult with Constable Aidan following the gate shield cutscene to begin the quest. Aidan will direct one to a "dubious personality" available on the market close to Glassric the Weaponsmith. This character will greet you but shortly identify you since the one who was speaking because of the protections before and will begin running. This can after that lead you in a clockwise chase around Amaranthine through 5 groups of "Hired Goons" that stops in the western section of city simply beyond your walls.

Note: Each number of hired goons is led by a Hire Goon chief, a mage at lieutenant-rank, therefore create appropriately.

It is possible to take your time to clear all of them down because the "Suspicious personality" will wait for you by each successive team. After the last team, the "dubious personality" will set you back an abandoned household outside the city. A while later, return to the city gates and speak to Constable Aidan to share with him of just what took place and initiate the past an element of the quest.

Note: Nathaniel Howe's interviewing Delilah is close to Glassric the Weaponsmith and may interrupt fight until the cutscene is finished.

Constable Aidan will say to you to find the doorman and get their secret to go into the smuggler's hideout so that you can apprehend all of them. This will spawn a "Shady Character" beyond your abandoned house where the chase ended. Upon conversing with him, he can immediatelly strike and eventually drop the Smugglers' secret which unlocks the trapdoor in abandoned residence which leads to the Smuggler's Cove, the final part of the pursuit. The Smuggler chief along with the staying smugglers will strike when you approach. After they tend to be killed, go back to Constable Aidan that will many thanks and provide 10. The quest will be marked as completed.

Notable Items

Notable gift suggestions for companions:

Locksmith's ToolsGift
Executes for beating or repairing hair.
Toy ChariotGift
A little decorated chariot. Horse marketed independently.
  • Both quests is marked completed with disapproval from the town guard as well as the smugglers when you yourself have both Smuggler's Run and Law and Order within quest log, and you also enter the Crown and Lion while however undergoing killing the sets of "Hired Goons"; you can then ask the Bartender to open the hidden passageway. You'll enter the concealed passageway, incase you finish killing the "Hired Goons, " a quest marker will show up on Constable Aidan, but he won't consult with you.

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